How to turn paper into bricks, prompt Spanish scientists

The magazine "Technology of Fuel" recently published an article about a new study which claims that in the industrial production of paper all of the remaining waste and scrap can safely start to process in order to obtain the output of bricks.

This was the conclusion drawn by researchers from Spain, and now people will have an opportunity to make practical eco-friendly bricks. It's enough to collect enough residual pulp and mix it with regular clay, which is commonly used in the construction work. Even the fact that the resulting bricks have significant negative — they are quite fragile

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In Georgia, the two-day downpour flooded more than 100 homes


As reported, in western Georgia, the second day of torrential rain does not stop. Overflowed several rivers in the Zugdidi district. In the city of Zugdidi and two neighboring villages flooded yards, streets, the ground floors of houses and shops. Difficult to move vehicles. Storm drains can not cope with the flow of water.

As the head of the local administration Tengiz Shanava, following the withdrawal of the banks of the river in the village of Juma Didinedzi hundred houses were flooded with water. According to him, there was an alarming

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Flooding in the Iraqi capital

In the capital city of Baghdad was a flood caused by prolonged rainfall. Floods have already recognized the most horrific in the last 30 years. From rising water has already killed four people. They were all members of one family, and the element of surprise them in their own home on the northern outskirts of the capital, undermining the base construction.

Hundreds of people are fighting with rain water, trying to resist the penetration of its homes. Throughout the day for the city declared a non-working worsening floods. It is known that during the rains was injured one resident

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In Chile Earthquake

In Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 5.7. Information on casualties or damage were reported. As reported on Monday at the Institute of Geophysics of the University of Chile, the epicenter of the quake was located 130 kilometers from the village of quivers on the border with Bolivia, the focus lies at a depth of 285 kilometers. Fluctuations in the Earth's crust were felt in several cities. Chile is still recovering from the effects of the incident on February 27 last year, 8.8-magnitude earthquake, followed by tsunami. According to the latest reports, the victims were rampant element 524, another 31

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Tornado victims in Missouri were 139 people

Death toll from the tornado that struck on Sunday, May 22, at the American city of Joplin (Missouri), has reached 139 people. As reported on Saturday, city officials, more than 100 people are reported missing, another 900 were injured.

Tornado awarded the highest category of power. He is recognized as the most destructive tornado in the U.S. since 1947. Element has left a wide swath of destruction more than a mile, where she almost a third of the 50-thousand population. Completely destroyed 2,000 buildings, severely damaged another 8,000 city buildings, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the White

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Tornadoes carry people and destroying homes in the U.S.. New tornado in Missouri

More than 140 people have died because of the devastating tornadoes that hit central U.S. states, according to the Associated Press.

Most affected by the disaster, Missouri, where the victims of the storm were 125 people. Tornado went through the center of the town of Joplin, leaving about two thousands of destroyed buildings, including hospitals, schools, churches, shops and homes. According to local authorities, about 900 people living in the city, were wounded.

The survivors call themselves lucky and talk about the fact that only a miracle helped them escape the

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Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri: 135 dead, more than a thousand missing


May 24 several new tornadoes hit the U.S. Midwestern states. In the western part of Oklahoma strongest tornadoes covered the distance of about 65 miles, and its main impact they have caused the administrative center of Oklahoma City. Elements led to the deaths of five people and 60 wounded. Medical condition of the three victims is estimated as critical.

Only because of the element of time to warn a few hours before a tornado raging, managed to avoid large-scale loss of life. For comparison, in a dilapidated Joplin, Missouri residents have warned sirens for

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Tornado rampage

During the day, the number of victims after a tornado in Missouri has nearly doubled — there were already killed 116 people. In the town of Joplin tornado devastated the band of approximately one kilometer wide and six miles long. 400 people received injuries of varying severity. Destroyed thousands of homes and municipal buildings. Much of the city remains without electricity. After the invasion of the elements sought medical treatment over a thousand people. Under the rubble of collapsed buildings are people. Seven people have been pulled out. Meteorologists warn that in the next few

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Krasnodar villages flooded in minutes

Over a thousand people were held hostage severe flooding in the Krasnodar region and Adygea. In Absheron dropped support lines, damaged gas lines and destroyed the bridge.

Traffic there now stopped working team in place of road builders.

— Never been …

This woman's house is surrounded by water. Even leave the house without help, she can not. Farmland flooded — harvest was lost. Two pigs stream just blew. Early in the morning there was dry, but within minutes the river burst its banks Fars. Almost the whole village Dondukaevskaya was in the flood zone.

Previously, there was a

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In Ulan-Ude, the hurricane sits half the city of light

Hurricane-like Irkutsk, rolled and several districts of Buryatia. Strong gusts of wind up to 25 meters per second, and the dust storms have done confusion. Due to wire breakage, damage to the cable and substation equipment in several districts of Ulan-Ude is still no light. Power outages are and in three rural areas.

— We are currently working to restore electricity — say in the press service of the municipality of Ulan-Ude. — By the City Commission for Emergency Situations in every area of the city created the operational headquarters in the aftermath of the hurricane. Clock gather information on

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