In six villages of Telavi region hail

In six villages in Georgia Telavi region hail. In villages Shalaurov, Nasamhrali, Tsinandali Kisiskhevi, Besheti Khodasheni and hail damaged vineyards, orchards and crops.

According to the Information Center of Kakheti Telavi municipality gamgebeli Vasil Davitashvili, hail was so strong that on the road stopped traffic.

"The amount of damage is still unknown. Hail is observed in other localities, and while there is no complete information. Thus there is heavy rain, which prevents the inspection of agricultural areas, "- said Vasil Davitashvili.

Hail fell in Kvareli region. "Hail fell by about 2000 hectares. 60-70% of the vineyards, orchards

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Sand storms in north-east China


Sand storm struck the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in the north-east China, on Thursday, May 12, reports BBC BBC. Element descended on the north-east of the country. Weather Service reports that the sand storm raging in northern China, will continue for a few days. In the south of the country in the near future is expected to be halted heavy rainfall. In northern China, Inner Mongolia, visibility in some areas has deteriorated from 100 to 300 meters because of dusty conditions. In the south of the country continue to rain. According

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Attempts to stabilize the reactor at Fukushima failed

Japanese engineers have stopped trying to stabilize the damaged reactor at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1".

The company TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), which owns the reactor, intended to cool it by pumping water into the chamber, where it is located.

However, according to the company, melted, metal fuel rods burned a hole in the chamber, and about 3,000 tons of water contaminated by radiation were the foundation of the building.

A nuclear power plant was severely damaged by the earthquake and ensuing tsunami on March 11.

Element knocked out the cooling system, which led to overheating

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In Canada, the floods continue

Last week, the Canadians struggled with flooding in the province of Quebec. Now the element has reached and Manitoba. Here, the allegations forecasters, now is unprecedented in scale navodnenie.Postradavshy region on Wednesday visited the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Together with Greg Sellindzherom, Premier of Manitoba, as well as the Mayor of Brandon, Harper visited the Assiniboine River, the spill from the spring floods. From the water the most affected city Brandon.

Today, on the Assiniboine River will hold a series of activities to reduce the residential areas the water level. In particular, one of the artificial dams planned to

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In southern Kazakhstan was another earthquake

In southern Kazakhstan was another earthquake of magnitude 3.4, according to the website European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

According to data published on the website, the earthquake occurred on May 11 at 13.50 Astana time. Hearth element lies at a depth of one kilometer. It turned out that the epicenter of the earthquake was located 147 kilometers north-west of Shymkent and 15 kilometers north-west of Zhanatas in Zhambyl region.

Earlier reported that on the border of Kazakhstan and China May 11, at 10.36 there was an earthquake of magnitude 3.7. The epicenter was located 85 kilometers east of Jarkent in

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Tornado in New Zealand: there are victims

The New Zealand North Island today struck a devastating tornado. Brunt of the disaster was in the city of Oakland and its suburbs.

According to a local police Rob Crawford, winds tore roofs of dozens of houses. One of the trade center destroyed. According to incoming reports, one person was killed and there are victims. Despite the fact that in New Zealand tornado — are rare in the past almost all of tornadoes caused loss of people, according to ITAR-TASS. So, August 25, 1948 near Hamilton element has claimed the lives of three people, and in August 2004

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Bodies of Kuban check with public participation

Bodies of the Crimean region of Krasnodar region affected by severe floods in July last year, will be further tested with the involvement of the public, said on Friday Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov the government commission for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations.

"I will ask the cooperation with the Federal Agency for Water Resources with public be further tested water bodies Krymsk and Tuapse district of Krasnodar region", — said the minister.

He added that it is necessary "to bring all the information to the people out there are starting to appear rumors."

The head of the Federal

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Hurricane winds will return to Russia

Over the regions of Central Russia last night hosted a hurricane. In Moscow there were no casualties. Crane truck driver was killed in one of the buildings. And in the Yaroslavl and Leningrad there were massive power outages. Yaroslavl street Tereshkova. Witnesses said that it all happened in a matter of seconds. The tree could not stand the pressure of the squally wind and crashed right into the street, where at that time drove dozens of cars. Drivers are not affected by a miracle, but their cars will now have to costly repairs. "Quietly went, suddenly just a tree

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Powerful tornadoes in the United States is moving in the direction of Washington


Over the past few days on the East Coast of the USA were more than 240 tornadoes, which killed 45 people. Weather forecasters encouraging: Storm warning announced in the Metropolitan District of Columbia and the neighboring state of Virginia. It is expected that the hurricane will get to these two regions.

At the moment it is known that several dozen tornado killed 45 people, about 80 people were injured and thousands of houses were destroyed. In North Carolina alone, victims of disaster were 22.

Apart from the south-eastern states, and the states affected

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In southern China people were killed by hail

South China showered. Not excluded casualties. It is reported by the country's Central Television. Element struck the southern city of Foshan in Guangdong Province in the second half Sunday. Hail accompanied by strong winds. As a result of bad weather damaged trees and some buildings of the city. About the size of the damage is not reported.

According to the local edition of "Nanfang bao" among residents is injured and even killed, RIA Novosti reported. Details are not given.

On Saturday night hailstorm struck the province of Guizhou. From riots disaster hit, according to the latest figures, more than

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