Off the coast of Honshu were new earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Friday night at the east coast of the Japanese island of Honshu. Shock epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean about 150 kilometers south-east of the city of Sendai. During the night in the same area recorded two more shock with magnitude 4.7-4.8. The eastern coast of Hokkaido element tests the 11 of March, when there was a devastating earthquake of magnitude 9. Since then, every day, under the bottom of the Pacific Ocean at a distance of 100 to 300 kilometers from the coast is aftershocks. More than half of them had a magnitude

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Flooding in northern Namibia has killed more than 60 people

Severe flooding in northern Namibia took the lives of 62 people, President Hifikepunye Pohamba has declared the region a state of emergency, according to Agence France Presse.

Incessant rains in January led to a rise in the water level in the Zambezi River, which runs through the territory of the province of the Caprivi and Kavango River, on which part of the border with Angola, Namibia.

According to the agency, all of those killed in the town of Oshakati, which is located 720 kilometers north of the capital city of Windhoek. In addition, about 10,000 people have been forced from

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Recent data on victims in Japan — the dead and missing for more than 20 000

The number of dead and missing as a result of the devastating earthquake in Japan and ensuing tsunami has exceeded 20 thousand. This was reported today by the country's main police station.

According to the latest data, the official death toll is 8,133 people. Considered missing 12,272 people.

The list of victims will obviously increase. As reported today, the authorities most affected prefectures of Miyagi, only in this region the number of deaths, mostly from the tsunami, clearly more than 15 thousand people.

Meanwhile, an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred today off the northeast coast of the island of

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From the new quake shook buildings in Tokyo

In Japan, on Saturday morning there was a new strong earthquake, so that the building shook in Tokyo. Japan's Meteorological Administration previously estimated the magnitude 6.1 quake.

The epicenter was located in Ibaraki prefecture in the northeast of the island of Honshu, that is far from the area where the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1". Hearth element lies at a depth of 20 km.

According to preliminary data, the warning about the threat of a tsunami was not announced. Data on casualties or damage as yet been received.

Note that for the last week in Japan, there

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Bruni to the island, Tasmania, stranded pilot whales Dolphins

Rescue team desperately trying to save 10 of 35 dolphins stranded pilot whales in Tasmania, the island Bruni March 17, writes

The groups of biologists and rescuers joined staff of Parks and Wildlife Service, as well as working with salmon farm company "Tassal". Rescuers poured buckets of water on the dolphin, to protect them from the sun. They tried to grind the dolphins back into the sea, but their attempts failed.

Official representative of the Environmental Protection Agency Jane Lovibond said the rescue team will support the life of dolphins as necessary.

Official representatives of Environment

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Heavy snowfall left South Ossetia without water and electricity

South Ossetia No power due to failure because of the power line North Portal — Dzau by heavy snowfall. Reported by the State Unitary Enterprise "Energy Resources — South Ossetia." "The cause of the accident was the heavy snowfall. Transmission line break occurred this morning near the village of Uanel. Currently, our teams are busy repairing the line," — said the representative of IA "Res".

At the company made it clear that the elimination of the accident would take several hours. It is expected that the power supply will be resumed in South Ossetia until tonight.

Meanwhile, because of the

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Eastern regions of Russia continues to fill with snow


Weather situation in Tyumen is close to the extreme — a city filled up with snow. Only one day had the six-week rainfall. Snow completely blocked the road, and most motorists today are not able to leave their parking spaces and courtyards. Public utilities are forced to work in an emergency mode. With streets already taken more than 15 thousand cubic meters of snow. Element and made adjustments to the work of the Tyumen airport — delayed several flights, crew commanders are free to decide to take off. For several days, and snow does

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In the north-eastern Australia flooded several towns

Sydney, March 9. In the north-eastern Australia in a few cities homes and businesses were flooded due to flooding caused by heavy rains.

The disaster left one person dead in the town of Kuranda in north Queensland.

Australian authorities have formed the center of evacuation, according to "Radio Liberty".

In early February 2011 in Australia for over 170,000 homes were left without electricity as a result of the cyclone hitting "Yasi". Powerful cyclone wind gust speed that exceeded 280 kilometers per hour, caused massive cliffs lines.

"Yasi" had the fifth highest category. Element followed by hurricane winds

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In Japan, 50 whales stranded

In Japan, about 50 whales pilot whales were found thrown on the coast near the town of Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture. Twenty-two of the whales were rescued and returned to the sea. Local residents, staff oceanarium Oarai, surfers and public officials take an active part to rescue the survivors of the whales and return them to the watery element.

However, despite all efforts, 30 of the fifty pilot whales died. The entire rescue operation whales zanayala 8:00. The remaining whales were buried on the beach, near the site of their discovery.


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Solotvyno slowly goes underground

Solotvyno slowly leaves the ground. The failures of the soil because of the huge underground caverns close to the residential sector. In the danger zone were three hundred houses, two schools, a hospital with a polyclinic, distribution-voltage … Addresses the issue of resettlement of people. Informational messages from a Carpathian village reminiscent of reports from the disaster zone. Although the element is not to blame.

January 27 near the sinkhole in Solotvyno conducted a visiting session of the State Commission for the techno-ecological security and emergencies under the chairmanship of the Minister of Emergency Situations Viktor Baloha. After that,

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