The Party of Regions has stolen votes?

A few representatives of the Radical Party, "Freedom", if you take the real results of the election, the Party of Regions was able to gain only twenty percent of the vote, the remaining ten percent of the representatives of the party simply stolen, using his connections and, of course, money. This information is broadcast live on the popular news channel "Channel Five" also confirmed Igor Miroshnichenko, who is the new member of Parliament from the Radical Party "Freedom." He said that ten percent of which have appeared in the Regions — a simple dorisovki that the party could have a

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Nominal grade rose Gorky Park show Muscovites July 4

The official presentation of the new varieties of roses "Gorky Park", derived French breeder Philip Manga especially for first Moscow international festival of gardens and flowers Moscow Flower Show, held in Gorky Park Gorky in Moscow on 4 July, the press service of the park.

Previously, the festival's president, vice-president of the Guild of Professional Landscape Industry Karina Lazarev said that the French breeder Philip Manga brought a new variety of rose beige-pink color called "Gorky Park", the flower is a gift to the old Moscow park.

"Fourth of July, 2012 in Gorky Park. Gorky will be an official presentation

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River in Wales was suddenly orange

Does Dzhefford just sitting with his fishing rod to the river near Neath Welsh village Abergarved when usually very clear water suddenly became orange. Environmental Service Wales looking for the cause of pollution, but one of the villagers have a different theory.

Now the orange colored part of the river dlinoy10 km. between the village and the town of Neath Abergarved. "The water was beautiful and clear, and suddenly she changed color — says fisherman Lee Dzhefford. — I could watch the fish suffocate. " Then he saw about 40 or 50 dead fish. "At about 11 am there

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Lightning ignited the house in Vitebsk

During a thunderstorm and rain on June 30 in one of the houses hit by lightning in Vitebsk. Heavy wind knocked in more than a dozen trees.

After a lightning strike the house on the street craft, despite the pouring rain, caught fire. Firefighters arrived within 10-15 minutes after the call and quickly extinguished the flames, so that only the affected part of the roof structure. In addition to lightning caused fire damage electronic equipment some neighbors.

In at least nine places in Vitebsk strong wind gusts which reached a speed of 12 meters per second, twisted

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Solar Yacht can change the trajectory of a potentially dangerous asteroid

Flotilla of spacecraft theoretically capable asteroid shield from the sun, causing it to move in a different direction. Several of these "boats", collected in a single fleet — and Apophis is not terrible, French scientists said.

The idea, proposed by the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), was announced at the symposium, which was held at the New York College of Technology. It involves the launch of devices operating on a "solar sail" (by the pressure of sunlight) to the asteroid Apophis.

The asteroid was discovered in 2004. According to calculations of astronomers in the 2029-meters, he has to

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Kenneth hurricane off the coast of Mexico increased to category four

Hurricane "Kenneth", which was formed on the eve of the Pacific, increased to the fourth category of danger on Saffir-Simpson scale, said on Tuesday the National Hurricane Center forecast the U.S. in Miami. According to meteorologists, the cyclone is now more than 1,200 kilometers to the south-west coast of the Mexican state of Baja California on the west coast of Mexico and is moving in the opposite direction from the continent with an average speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Wind gust speed in a hurricane zone up to 230 kilometers per hour. According to the forecasts of meteorologists

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Hurricane in Odessa

26.06.11.Segodnya in Odessa because of bad weather, accompanied by rain and gale-force winds, there have been several accidents. So, in the street Mechnikova tree fell into the roadway and partially blocked the passage of automobile transport going towards the street Myasoedovskaya. At the very Myasoedovskaya hurricane uprooted and broke a few young trees planted on the pavement outside the houses. Outside, the wind broke the Bulgarian tree that rest against the wall of a residential building, just a few feet from the window. And outside Prokhorov uprooted tree fell on a minibus, parked on the sidewalk and

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In Crimea, found chemical weapons of World War II

In the Crimean Black Sea coast found hundreds of containers of chemical munitions dumped here in 1941.

Barrels of chemicals already started to decompose, which is why there was a danger to human life and the environment. According to environmentalists, if at least one barrel will leak — not avoid catastrophe.

In flooded barrels is mustard gas and lewisite. Mustard gas is a martial toxic poisons. With the defeat of their airways may develop pneumonia, and as a consequence — the death of a few days. No antidote for mustard gas. Lewisite is a persistent toxic substance. If poisoning can

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In Moscow on the street found a box with a live tiger

According to preliminary data, the tiger for about eight months

Box with living tiger found in the Printers in the south-east of Moscow

"Yesterday I received a call from the people who found in a vacant lot near the Printers Kuryanovskoy treatment plant box with tiger" — told RIA Novosti source in the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

According to him, the inspectors of the Department, together with the Centre overexposure animals went to the place where the information is confirmed.

"At the moment the tiger moved into the center of overexposure animals. In the near

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MPs in Tuva, where mine construction, please check the ekonorm

Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool instructed MPs Todzha district of the republic to take under close control in compliance with environmental regulations by the Chinese company "Lunsin" which builds there GOK (GOK), according to the regional authorities.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia fears that the investor can harm the environment. Development company believes that the case for "green" superficial and unfounded.

Power of Tuva and the company "Lunsin" signed in 2009 an agreement on the establishment of public-private partnership. Ltd. "Lunsin," according to the document, agrees to provide 50% of jobs for the population, as well as participate

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