Giant hail in Denver damaged 15 aircraft

Residents of Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado in the United States, long remember heavy rain and hail that hit the city. Size hailstones reached 3 cm in diameter …

Element Denver raged on the night of July 14. Because of the storm more than a thousand of passengers spent the night at the airport, waiting for departure. When dawn broke, it was found that not all ships are set to go. Huge hailstones damaged 15 planes.

A few hours in the city fell almost monthly rainfall. Most of the streets were flooded.

But July

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Italy. Tornado hit the Adriatic coast, injuring dozens of people

In the midst of Sunday rest heavy blow of wind struck the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea, on the crowded beach bathers "Gabriel" in Fano (Pesaro province). There are wounded, according to ITAR-TASS.

Air "funnel" suddenly formed at the junction of the hot and cold streams, the tornado just a few seconds plowed sandy beach, sky rocketed pillars, tables, umbrellas and sun beds, a fall which dozens of people were bruised and wounded, were shell-shocked.

Most assisted on-site medical center at the beach, but some had to be hospitalized, such as a girl who

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More than 80% of blueberries on Moscow shelves emits radiation

Over 80% of blueberry on trial specialists city veterinary laboratory in Moscow counters, emits radiation. During the first half of the summer in radiology department of laboratory samples taken 43 blueberries. In 38 of them have exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of the radionuclide cesium-137.

Since the beginning of 2011 the capital veterinary experts are not allowed in the Moscow market of 400 kg and 166 kg of blueberries cranberries in excess of the maximum permissible concentrations of cesium-137. This element is considered the most dangerous radioactive substance to humans. Its good to absorb plant, it is rapidly absorbed

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Russia again in the fire: not enough cars or people


In northern Russia raging forest fires. In Yakutia, and the Arkhangelsk region declared a state of emergency. Local rescuers can not cope with the situation — they rush to the aid of colleagues from neighboring regions.

Emergency declared in six regions of the Arkhangelsk region, trying to break all means available. Available means are used where not enough water. To fight the fire, which has spread already eight thousand acres, joined equipped with means for extinguishing fire parachutists and aircraft emergency situations.

Scale fires in northern Russia due to the impending horizon smoke is difficult

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In southwest Chinas severe floods


Many areas were without electricity. The issue of the transfer to the disaster area of additional forces rescuers.

The element does not leave the region since the end of June. During this time, affected about 170,000 people, the correspondent of "Capital TV".

Evpatoria suffered terrible hurricane

Though July 13 and did not coincide with Friday, but was unlucky day Evpatoria. The city was paralyzed with a powerful hurricane rain and squally winds.

As the official site Evpatoria, for forty minutes the city was flooded with water. Element felled trees and damaged power lines. Stopped trams.

Evpatoria streets flooded. The water level in some areas up, and the machine just "floated" on the roads.

In many areas of the city lost electricity, and then stopped providing water due to the termination of the pumps on the second lift station, which feeds the entire city.

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Japan hit by Typhoon 55

In the south of Japan, where the second day raging typhoon "Mahon", 55 people injured, one local man was missing. Element caused considerable damage to many regions of the country remain without power thousands of homes. Part of the residential area hit by flooding, and residents had to be evacuated to safer places. According to the National Meteorological Administration, now the sixth and strongest typhoon this season is 70 kilometers from the bay Ovase (Mie Prefecture). Record rainfall of over 850 mm for the last day marked in Kochi Prefecture. Showers continue in Shizuoka Prefecture, where an hour rainfall

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Harvest from the fields washed away by rain

July 13, 2011. Element in society "Mukomol" Khabarovsk, which is 19 km Vladivostok highway, was played on Monday about an hour of the day. Sky closed the dark clouds, lightning, thunder, rain poured, according — Khabarovsk.

As eyewitnesses say, the water was flowing down from heaven wall. In an instant flow, carrying stones and gravel on the roads poured directly on the plots, washing away everything in its path. Some hosts nearly demolished cottages. "Rain is so strong that it was impossible to go out," — says summer resident Arthur Abramov.

Another our problem — society "Oilman-3 ',

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Austria and Slovenia were hit by hail

12.07.11.V Austria and Slovenia, hail the size of a hen's egg. Element eliminated over three thousand hectares of farmland. Hailstones punched through the roofs of houses and left dents in cars. In many areas, the power goes out. Damage experts have estimated to be about one million euros.

"Because of the hail in some areas of a power outage. And just a few areas we had to cut down in order to repair the network. But now, like, everything will "- said energetic.


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Poland hit powerful showers with hail

On Monday, July 11, at Poland powerful storm hit with rain, hail and gusty winds. Rescue teams countries report that they regularly receive dozens of calls from local residents. In many cities in Poland as a result of heavy rain flooded streets and basements. Accompanying storm winds reach speeds of 90 kilometers per hour, in the southern regions of the country toppled hundreds of trees, ITAR-TASS reported. According to the weather forecast, the eastern element can manifest itself only the upcoming night. It is expected that in the coming days atmospheric front to leave the territory of Poland.

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