Landslide in Canada


Element cleared in Canada. Here there was a major landslide. The population of a state, a hundred kilometers from Vancouver did not have time to evacuate.

The landslide was the result of the rainy season, which this year for the duration of broke all records. Destroyed power lines, halted traffic on main roads. According to the latest information about the victims are not

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Element again caused damage in Eastern Georgia

TBILISI, June 24 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. Strong wind and hail destroyed the day before most of the crops and broke the power lines in the villages of the Lagodekhi district (Kakheti region), said on Friday Kakheti Information Center.

According to the center, hail began at ten o'clock in the evening and lasted for an hour.

Eleven villages affected by the disaster has been destroyed by 40% to 100% of the crop, according to Information Center of Kakheti.

Local authorities calculate the damage area.

Rain fell this spring have caused significant damage regions of Georgia.

Descended from

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Element that is raging in Lugansk day

Due to bad weather in the constant interruptions to the light, the trees fall down on the sidewalk, the streets flowing with rainwater. Does not always work and cell phone.

Some residents believe that it is almost the end of the world: "When I saw what was going on outside, thought it was a real flood," — says a resident of the quarter Zarechny, Larissa.

"Our last night at the Steppenwolf turned off the light in the window clatter wind, something pops, whistles. Was so terrible that took a taxi and went to spend the night at

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In China, an earthquake measuring 5.2

The earthquake in Yushu county Nantsyan-Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, northwest China, to varying degrees damaged homes, but the element has not led to casualties, reports agency Russian.News.Cn.

According to local authorities in the area of the earthquake epicenter 19 houses collapsed, 90 percent of the houses there were cracks, some houses are unsafe for habitation.

June 26 at 15:48 Beijing time in the county Nantsyan earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale. Yushu, inhabited mainly by Tibetans, in April 2010, suffered from the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that killed 2,700 people

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Nearly 600 homes remain without electricity in Tula after showers and thunderstorms

TULA, June 27 — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Poyarkova. Nearly 600 private homes for about a day left without electricity in Tula, where Sunday was a heavy downpour, accompanied by thunderstorms and squally winds, told RIA Novosti on Monday, spokesman for the city.

According to the agency, on Sunday in Tula were three major power outages, the effects of the two have not been eradicated yet.

"In the area of the regional center of the Proletarian 134 houses on Sunday afternoon remained without electricity due to a gust of feeder transformer substation. Consequences of the accident have been eliminated in the

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Hail in the Krasnodar region turned into a sieve roofs

As reported, the Krasnodar region tonight Hurricane wind and hail. Hardest-hit village Kurganinskogo district. No light left about 600 people. As a result, disaster destroyed 2000 hectares of farmland, dozens of homes destroyed roofs, toppled power line poles.

"This hurricane blew, all we have here in pieces and see. Everything here is turn" — offers a local resident.

Rooftops like a sieve. Fences are broken, toppled trees. The night before, there was heavy hail. It was a local, but a very powerful punch. Seriously injuring two of the village, in the vicinity of almost completely destroyed

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South Korea struck the typhoon claimed at least nine lives

MOSCOW, June 27 — RIA Novosti. At least nine people were killed after a typhoon Meara (Meari) fell on the weekend on the west coast of South Korea, said on Monday, Reuters quoting a representative of emergency services.

Three people are reported missing.

In South Korea canceled dozens of domestic flights. According to the government, for international flights, the element has no effect.

The courts ordered not to leave port.

On Monday, as expected, the typhoon made landfall DPRK. The authorities have warned residents of coastal areas on the possibility of powerful shock waves.

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Flooding in Sochi

25.06.11.Poka thousands of Sochi residents were without electricity, drew water from basements and porches, saving property and life, the site of administration of Sochi was reported that "on the night of 20 to 21 June due to heavy rain flooded several streets and was suspended several substations. "

Again the "force majeure" or is it negligence and corruption in the construction of alien officials Olympic and Olympic facilities in Sochi municipality?

On the initiative of the city created a special commission to investigate the causes of the incident. At a meeting in the city administration were made

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Wind and hail damaged roofs of dozens of houses in the Krasnodar Territory

ROSTOV-ON-DON, June 26 — RIA Novosti. Strong winds and hail on Sunday evening damaged roofs of several dozen houses in the village Novoalekseevskaya Krasnodar region, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation.

Interviewee of the agency said that the signal on the strengthening wind gusts entered into a single call center dispatchers at 21.25 MSK. According to him, also damaged the roof of houses in the village high in the same Kurganinsk area.

"The epicenter was in the emergency Novoalekseevskaya village, where, according to preliminary data, damaged roofs 50 homes.

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The Balkans powerful cyclone hit

As reported, a tempest of hail and gale-force winds covered Romania. Wind felled trees, tore roofs off buildings. Storm not calm down for about a day. From a lightning strike in the Carpathians killed two tourists from Poland. In towns flooded streets, disrupted transport.

In neighboring Serbia, hail the size of a hen's egg broke crops, damaged roofs of dozens of houses. Several villages remained without electricity. Authorities have done to calculate the element of damage, but call it significant, TV channel "Russia-24".

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