The second last day earthquake — magnitude 5.1 — occurred in New Zealand

The second last day earthquake — magnitude 5.1 — happened today near the Kermadec Islands, located a thousand kilometers to the north-east of New Zealand, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the New Zealand Seismological Service, the tremors were felt in a radius of 187 km. The hearth was in the disaster area Raoul Island — the largest of the four islands of the archipelago. As the Minister of Civil Defence New Zealand Craig Foss, "despite the cancellation of the tsunami warning, created after the first earthquake of magnitude 7.6, the local population is recommended to stay away from the

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In Khabarovsk Krai storm deenergized over 600 homes in g.Bikine.

07-07-2011, Khabarovsk 5:18:26 In g.Bikine (Khabarovsk region) because of the strong winds and squally thunderstorms, held the day before, were de-energized, more than 600 homes. The press service of Russian Emergency Ministry General Directorate in Khabarovsk area.

It is noted that intra-element partially damaged power lines, trees were knocked down, a number of homes broken roof.

"In the area got off 609 homes, as well as the central regional hospital, water abstraction, special school, infectious hospital and two sewage pumping stations, which because of the accident were connected to a backup power supply. Moreover, all socially important objects were

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Ukraine under the water: in Odessa because of the rains flooded the subway and woman died

Heavy rainfall led to a number of emergency on Ukraine. On the eve of a storm with heavy rain and hail was held in Kharkov and its environs. As a result, the element has flooded several streets and metro stations. Woman died, reports

In the last week in Ukraine raging cyclone. In Kiev by heavy rains flooded homes, subways, routes, and "Memorial to Victims of Holodomor", near the building of the Verkhovna Rada failed ground. Podtopilo transfer to the metro station "Poznyaki" lobby and underground "Heroes of Dnepr", and flooded homes. According to the public utilities,

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Elements raged in Chuvashia


The day before, in Tsivilsk area residents 15 settlements without electricity. Squally wind took down trees and power lines interrupted. On PE said today at a meeting in the house of the government.

Yuri Nikolayev, head of the district administration Tsivilsky: "Of the 15 communities in the most serious situation Konarski villages. There have been felled and the reference light. Work in this direction are underway. In Tsivilsk, the village experienced, and Vtorovurmankasinskom Ryndinskom villages, power lines restored. "

According to Yuri Nikolayev, by the dinner at all de-energized the village will be served

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Flooding in central Laos



A week after the first flood on June 24, which experienced the strength of provincial residents Borikhamxay, Borikhan district in central Laos on Saturday June 2 was again under water.

 Lightning flooding over the weekend was caused by a prolonged storm dozhdyami.Ne withstand such pressure elements, Nam Xan River overflowed its banks flooding with 31 of the 46 villages in the district Borikhan.Svedeny of deaths and injuries have been reported.

Meanwhile, the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology announce on Saturday warning residents of possible flooding of areas adjacent to the river Xebangfay, and must

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Residents of Poland scared uncontrollable water

High water continues his "crusade" in the world. Now the flood got to Poland. And blame the endless showers …

Suffered the most south-west of the country, there are flooded streets, basements and garages, trees knocked down a storm. Here, several rivers burst their banks, many of the fields and the roads were under water. Since last weekend, and so far in southern Poland firefighters continue to struggle with the effects of local flooding.

And forecasters are predicting heavy showers at least until Thursday. They added that the coming weekend places possible strong storms.

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In Denmark, the rains have flooded hundreds of homes

As reported, hundreds of homes were flooded in the capital of Denmark — Copenhagen — because of heavy rainfall that began last night. In the center of the city under water were some of the streets, subways and the lower floors of buildings.

Highways Agency has informed the closure of the country's four major highways around the capital city, as well as violations of the timetable of passenger trains.

Due to gusty winds in the city were damaged power lines and telephone services, according to ITAR-TASS.

Element descended on Copenhagen on Saturday night. Showers were accompanied

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Landslide in Canada


Element cleared in Canada. Here there was a major landslide. The population of a state, a hundred kilometers from Vancouver did not have time to evacuate.

The landslide was the result of the rainy season, which this year for the duration of broke all records. Destroyed power lines, halted traffic on main roads. According to the latest information about the victims are not

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Element again caused damage in Eastern Georgia

TBILISI, June 24 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. Strong wind and hail destroyed the day before most of the crops and broke the power lines in the villages of the Lagodekhi district (Kakheti region), said on Friday Kakheti Information Center.

According to the center, hail began at ten o'clock in the evening and lasted for an hour.

Eleven villages affected by the disaster has been destroyed by 40% to 100% of the crop, according to Information Center of Kakheti.

Local authorities calculate the damage area.

Rain fell this spring have caused significant damage regions of Georgia.

Descended from

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Element that is raging in Lugansk day

Due to bad weather in the constant interruptions to the light, the trees fall down on the sidewalk, the streets flowing with rainwater. Does not always work and cell phone.

Some residents believe that it is almost the end of the world: "When I saw what was going on outside, thought it was a real flood," — says a resident of the quarter Zarechny, Larissa.

"Our last night at the Steppenwolf turned off the light in the window clatter wind, something pops, whistles. Was so terrible that took a taxi and went to spend the night at

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