Animation based on Russian epic and ancient history.

Collection of cartoons based on Russian epic and ancient history.


Childhood Ratibor

   Based on the novel by V. Ivanov, "Primary Russia". Average shows the life and beliefs of the Slavs 6th century, their war with the nomadic Khazars. Unfortunately, the formation of the Russian state, the era of Rurik, Oleg, Igor did not get the animated incarnation.

  Boy with a bridle   Legend of the kid-Kievan wade through Pecheneg siege to Svyatoslav and saved the city. Amazingly competent image Pechenegs (no slanting eyes,

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English will be the second state in Russia?

Victory Parade 2010 on Red Square in Moscow. Winners of the Cold War come with its own flag. Photo:

Unified state examination in a foreign language will become compulsory for schoolchildren in 2020, when everywhere will be put into effect a new GEF approved before the Ministry of Education.

New GEF assumes that the student may, when mandatory exam in a foreign language in the form of the exam, he will be able to choose a level: basic or advanced, writes, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

New GEF for high school was approved by Ministry of Justice yesterday. He suggests

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I.A.Globa — Perun

Frequent anomalies


Recently, cases of abnormal phenomena. Of course you can find all over the explanation, but still people do not fully trust the scientists. For example, many people know that NASA retouch images transmitted by satellites Stereo. All the same, the time will come, people will know everything. Still, there are persistent rumors that the last meeting of Dmitry Medvedev and Pope Benedict XVI held a secret they talk about an unknown planet called Tyche. What did the Pope to our President is still a mystery …. we hope that from time to

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Orthodoxy — is not a religion, not Christianity, but faith


Trehlebov AV — 2012. Anunnaki, Nibiru


Nintendo warns: 3D-effects are dangerous for children

Nintendo announced that its new console can be dangerous for children

Japanese electronics maker Nintendo has warned that its new three-dimensional game console can be a danger of children.

The company appealed to the parents to the settings console 3DS disable 3D-effect to the fact that children under the age of six years have seen only two-dimensional image.

Warning came at a time when Nintendo is set to launch the much anticipated 3D version of DS-most successful game console company.

Continuation of the line of the console is equipped with a three-dimensional mode supports screen and a special

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Country of TV commercials — advertising the New World Order?

WTF?? Is already a pre roller Mr. Pu? Note the subsequent picture … "United Russia" has undertaken to promote the Eurasian Union.

Lukashenko to investigate the terrorist attack in Metro 16/04/2011

The X-Files. Alchemy money

Modern money. Why do they keep getting cheaper? The causes of inflation. Should commodity prices continue to grow? Who benefits? Is there an alternative to usurious banking and financial system?

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