Vedic Russian alphabet. Alphabet Shining Light

"Spiritual Council of Holy Russia, Russia," given a lot in the light of Vedic Knowledge of the Faith, said together with the Group Intelligence Light, the story of the Russian language, his writing is calculated long before the Tower of Babel, which was nothing but a manifestation of the clash of good and the forces of Light Evil forces of darkness. For, starting the conversion was Russian letters form a word for God, and the Word was with KIND, gave the Russian soul to keep the Light of the Trinity Universe with Vedic truism plan Triune Universe … shows how

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Strange to say, the secret society. (30.03.2012)

War, bloody coups, assassination loud, violent revolution — each of these tragic events is the official version. But, according to some researchers, the real truth is known only to the elect, members of secret societies that control the world …


The reaction of the people after the trial of Colonel Kvachkov

On the subject:

Kvachkov holds the answer for all Russian

On the subject:

VERDICT colonels Kvachkova

Slavic charms

Mysterious Russia. Baikal

Mysterious Rossiya.Baykal — the cleanest, largest, deepest and most mysterious lake in the country. Project developers have found witnesses who assert that not only people can appreciate the advantages of this incredible body of water!

21 th day of the riots in the United States, Wall Street and the storming of the White House


Military secret. Aired on 10/12/2011

In this issue:

1. Hazing with a Caucasian accent. 2. Iran against Israel: who wins? 3. American gunsmiths developed the bomb, which the enemy would get even from the ground. 4. Second Chechen: war without embellishment. 5. Traumatic weapons: allow-not-ban. 6. Is there a world government and who are its members? 7. The eruption of global scale: the more threatening humanity awakened volcanoes around the world? 8. Vitali Klitschko: through the thorns to the stars.

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Presidential candidate was looking for sponsors in the German newspaper

On the pages of the Moscow newspaper "Russian Berlin" under the heading "Private Life" came the announcement, "We are looking for sponsors to support the diplomat Salnikova SA the presidential elections in Belarus. Initiative group … ". The actual content of the published text can already be considered out of the ordinary event. It is hard to imagine the same ad placement in the press in the former Soviet Union, for example, on behalf of the initiative group who is running in time for President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and Ukraine — Viktor Yanukovych.

The real

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Medvedev has pledged 235 billion rubles Caucasus from the federal budget

At the first stage of the program of development of the North Caucasus in seven years will be spent 235 billion rubles from the federal budget. As informs "Interfax", said Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.


State Program for Development NCFD The three-step process. The first runs from 2013 to 2020. According to Medvedev, the final stage will require further definition of the scope and sources of funding.

The Prime Minister added that the results of the program must be judged by the growth of gross regional product, foreign and domestic investment to create new

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Ancient rites for the dead footwear

They say that if you throw an old shoe after the bride is sure to bring happiness to her and the groom. For the same reason, still sometimes old shoes tied to the rear bumper of the wedding car, throw after a wedding train. There is a logical question — why is it necessary? Naturally, not just for fun, and certainly not for decoration.

"ON" said already, that earlierSlavsworn-out shoes are not accepted to throw. Applies, it was used on, but not directly, but as a talisman.Russianhung under the eaves of the old bast stockyards, at the entrance to the

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