Documentary investigation. Russian Mafia

In Russia, organized crime — a form of crime that appeared in the USSR in the 1960s, represented by organized criminal groups, committed mostly selfish and greedy, violent crimes, leading shadow and legitimate economic activities of corrupt relations with the authorities. In the West as the "Russian Mafia" ("Red Mafia") may refer any criminal organization, as a true Russian, and originating from other post-Soviet states

Mirage captivating happiness

Mutiny on the Senate Square December 14, 1825

What actually happened at the Senate Square December 14, 1825? Who and what led to the area of "fighters for the people's happiness?"

Why they did not think to let their own fortress, but it's going to join Norway evict Caucasians in Siberia and cut out the entire royal family? ..

The authors of the documentary will tell what scientific discoveries became a "catalyst" rebellion, why Nicholas I let these conspirators and hung talkers, and — how the events of December 1825 were repeated several times in Russian history?

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Can we control the weather?

Inventions of people moving forward from century to century. Kindness and anger as The Human generally remain the same. Pascal

Spanish scientists have explained the phenomenon of the human aura

Photo: aura

University of Granada researchers were invited to the first scientific explanation of the phenomenon of aura. This information portal Tendencias Cientificas. According to Spanish researchers, healers and healers who claim they can see the aura, have neuropsychological feature — the so-called synesthesia. This quality is to merge all the sensations of the five senses. The latter occurs through a more active relationship of parts of the brain responsible for processing the stimuli. So these people can feel or see the sound and associate people with a certain color. In a paper published in the scientific journal

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In the Dnieper near Khortitsa detected sword Svyatoslav

The fisherman pulled from the depths of ancient warrior weapons Dnieper. Seeing rarity, archaeologists clutching his head. They say that the sword belongs to the son of Princess Olga, the builder of Kievan Rus Prince Svyatoslav, who, according to the chronicles, in 972 killed in action near Khortitsa.

Giant bronze sword — Prince Svyatoslav — some years towers over the waterfront Zaporozhye. Monument established citizens, relying only on scanty information ancient record, which states that Svyatoslav died exactly on the Dnipro rapids.Sensational support of this version fished about Zaporozhian Khortitsa fisherman Sergei booze.

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Forbidden History — Secrets of Yonaguni and impossible to Nan Madol


NATO troops marching march will pass through Kazakhstan

February 19, 2013 between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Italy signed an agreement on the transit of military equipment of the Italian Republic in Kazakhstan. Limited contingent of the Italian army takes part in military operations in Afghanistan, held here under the leadership and coordination of NATO forces.

Kazakh Defence Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has already signed an agreement to provide a "green corridor" for the forces of the Italian Army, the Italian side the agreement was signed by the War Minister Giampaolo Di Paola.

After the final resolution agreement Kazakhstan transit through its territory to carry out not only the

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Secret world government — the Committee of 300

Long-term studies of the former British intelligence officer Dr. John Coleman led him to the conclusions set out in this book — the reality of evil intent embodied in the global planning and management of social, public and political processes on a global scale.


Applied Rusich combat system — non-contact fight


Wise advice Old Believer should know useful

Peter G. Nikitin. He wears a broad beard, embroidered shirt and a ribbon on the head … 12 years Peter G. travels around the world — hitchhiking, walking, cycling. As said, it is easier to tell where it was not, than where it was. He walked and traveled 70,000 miles. He is known in Scandinavia, Western Europe, in the Crimea, Kazakhstan, Tibet, and even in Laos. He was swimming in the seas of the four oceans and lakes Everest … About Peter G. says little. He said that he was born in Siberia, once — in the

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