Fight Muammar! (Super version of the clip)


Russian children in the trash … When you come, Beautiful far?

Physicists have the fifth state of matter

The ions extracted from this piece of lead, have created a "very, very small Big Bang"

The plan works at CERN supercollider LHC, the researchers had to go to the experiments with colliding beams of protons to the collision of beams consisting of heavy lead nuclei. It was necessary for the experiments to obtain and study the quark-gluon plasma — a soup of quarks and gluons, which are protons and neutrons fall under the highest temperatures and pressures that occur at the time of such collisions.

These experiments began on 7 November and the next day have been

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Modern non-aggression pact

After an explanation of the transit in Ulyanovsk he thought non-aggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, which delayed the war until the summer of 1941.

Well, actually about entrepot NATO.

Nikolay Starikov of conversations with readers at the Moscow House of Books on the Arbat in September 2012

In Mongolia, archaeologists dug up the grave of the dead 70 million years ago, 15 young dinosaur

In Mongolia, paleontologists have found a nest prototseraptosa — Scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of 15 babies of extinct dinosaurs. All of which are perfectly preserved.

"I can not think of what other species of dinosaurs left in the nest at once so much young," — said in an interview with Discovery News David Fastovsky heading the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Rhode Island, and who, along with his colleagues examined the very nest.

It is a bowl-like shape with a diameter of about 70-80 inches, and scientists believe babies were just buried under the sand

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UFO? Or what to prepare the land to its rulers?


Russia without the oil and gas

That it would be in Russia, if removed from the budget revenue taxes on oil and gas as well as revenues from oil and gas companies?

In January-October 2010 to the federal budget were:

MET — 1119000000000. rub.

Export duties on oil and gas — 2034000000000. rub.

Cumulatively for 10 months — 3153000000000.

During 12 months of severance tax and export duties have to bring in the budget — 3783000000000. rub.

Subsidies from the federal budget, covering the budget deficit of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in 2010 to 2.530 trillion. rub. or 57.5% of total expenditures

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Lukashenko (Washington Post): Why did you destroy Iraq?

"Tell me, please, dear representative democracy, why have you destroyed Iraq? This is an international crime. Why did you not answer for it? About what then can speak of democracy, if not only killed thousands of Iraqi and other nationals, but died and thousands of Americans. And they have kids, families … What is happening now in Iraq, in Afghanistan, where the fiddle playing the "democratic" (I take in quotes), the country?

And how did you react to the fact that your colleague journalist raped right on the square in Cairo recently? You're afraid … because you

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Point of destruction of Earth

Priesthood for a fatal crash just demote

Hieromonk Ilia in Moscow a few days ago in a jeep Mercedes GelandeWagen (Gelendvagen) ran at work (as a result they died). If the investigation proves his guilt, he may be deprived of dignity. This is despite the fact that he has repeatedly been seen in an accident before. Apparently, churchmen believe that God will forgive them all and allows people to press.

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