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Rusov pyramid in China

About one hundred of these pyramids are in North China. Some have more pyramids of Giza. All of the pyramid — in closed areas where the Chinese are not allowed foreigners and journalists. Why?

Why is the Chinese who are so proud of their ancient history, the greatest secret of artifacts? Is not this what would be the best argument in favor of the Chinese civilization — the oldest in the world? No. In the pyramids, apparently, too much evidence that they do not belong to the Chinese civilization. By the

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Kolovrat — How came the name Scythia. Who are the Scots

Print gods — Kailash

Kailash resets anyone who dares to climb on it, and those who touched the mountain there are sores do not heal for weeks. "No mortal dare not climb the mountain, which is home to the gods, the one who will see the faces of the gods must die" — so govoit in manuscripts.

This mountain is considered sacred for thousands of years in all ethnic groups living in neighboring countries. In India, a Hindu hath great happiness to see her once in a lifetime. In ancient books — the Vedas — says that all the sacred

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How to build a world government, globalization


Penalty turns in the show

Progressive West Discovery Channel has launched a super-innovative program. The main plot of the show — the death penalty. TV star of the condemned do. Kill him, and to see how it will happen, will track millions of viewers. However, in China the "progress" has come a little early. There already have such programs.

Sound familiar? The film "The Running Man" (1987). Coincidence, they say, is obvious. Maybe soon they will become even more obvious?

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ArchivariusVideo: Vseslav — Bride and Engagement


Hidden Illuminati symbols in movies

NATO wants to fight in Russia

"We do not want to raise a panic and to sound the alarm, we're just wondering what is the logic of deployment" — so a European diplomat said Le Monde carried out in the former Leningrad military district reform of the armed forces.

According to the publication, in the Leningrad region on the border with the three Baltic States in 2009-2010, there is an unprecedented concentration of troops and military equipment. According to the internal memo of NATO, "Leningrad military district — the only one where the reform of the armed forces has increased the size of the armed

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Scary games childrens home

A terrible thing happened in the boarding of the Sverdlovsk region. There's a criminal investigation into the death of 11-year-old girl. Children played in the dog kicks: overtighten rope carotid artery until he lost consciousness. This time out — to death.

Alexander Pugachev asked the orphans of the grown-up games.

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