Russian early

Russian began in 2010: what do the people here settlement Glorious (mistress of the glorious in the video until one, but now, many thanks to her sew shirts and sun dresses!)

Theres no time, the occupation is coming to the final stage!

Leave in their hearts only love and rage! Only love for his country, his homeland, the people, the government created them … and a fierce hatred of their enemies, to those who would destroy the Russian state and turns it into an abomination chimeras … and it is clear to see — what to do. ALL, as one to defend our country! Our homeland and we vozvraschat.Nakonets Ivashov said it plain text, which cattle seized power and only its destruction could restore us to honor officers and wash the shame of 1993., When betrayed their country, their

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Therapeutic exercises for children: Tips

During the massage the muscles left the baby's head turned to the left, the massage right muscles — right. The child should not feel sick. If he feels a lot of pain and muscle strain, the massage can not, because the massage muscles should be relaxed.

Simultaneously in more vigorous massage techniques healthy sternocleidomastoid muscle, upper trapezius muscle and the occipital region, and with facial asymmetry — the muscles of the face, stunted. Massage course is assigned individually.

On average, it consists of 30 sessions, and between courses of a break for 1-2 weeks. Gymnastics performed 3-4 times a

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What is faith?

Pater DY explanation of "faith":

There is a notionVera(Ed.: should read in this chapter instead of solid character — another similar, but with a dash lower, "Yat", I just can not picture) is one, and there is a conceptfaith(Where "e" — a letter "is") is another meaning. These two concepts — not one and the same. "YAT" — is the link between earth and heaven. Therefore, this letter and sound like "s" — diftongovoe sound, "and" — it is a true heaven, and "e" — it is, earthly existence. When we say the old faith, Slavic belief, the Aryan

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Here and now (1 — 16). Films of Sergei Stryzhak



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Valentine Ryabkov. Candle clip. Ensemble Wolnica

Clip "Candle". Valentine Ryabkov — winner of the first prize of the international competition and festival of Slavic folk songs. The head of "Volnitsa" Dikarev Dmitri. Sound Andrey Tokarenko

The mystery of the Russian name

Christian church allowed to baptize a child in Hebrew or Greek names. Of the 210 permitted names, only 15 are native Russian. Is not that genocide?

Try to go to church and pray to order for a Russian name — you will say, that name is not present! Call Biblical name. Otherwise we are praying for him will not. If any organization wants good for his people, how can it be based on the canons of our church? Prohibitions on the delusional. Nonsense. If

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Ural pensioner died, getting a giant bill for utility services — forgot a comma

In the city of Pervouralsk crawled sinister rumors: the local press reported the sudden death of the pensioner, was discovered lying on the floor and contract in hand receipt for utilities. This gave rise to the assumption that the woman died from the shock of receiving a huge bill from the management company.

Pensioner died in the Urals, getting huge bill for utility services — forgot a commaREN TV

Some publications even claimed that such deaths were two. However, the second part is not reported, suggesting that this is just an exaggeration.

As for the death of the

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Words Die, Russia! not considered extremism

Against the accused for the brawl at the metro station "Cherkizovsky" Dagestani fans of FC "Anji" decided not to prosecute.


Special Purpose Center of the Moscow police deny beating police. But refusing to pay the fare and kicking the turnstiles to the cries of "Die, Russia" — no more than a harmless prank, and even under the article on hooliganism is not appropriate, not to mention extremism.

That is why 18 detainees face no more than a small fine for an administrative offense.


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Why England hates Russia initially

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