Spiritual peoples opportunities and choices

For people who have just experienced the above information, as well as for those who are about something he knew their living aggregorial software — a fact due to all previous experience. Therefore, the question arises whether people build up of bad and dangerous egregors in the event that they wish to change their aggregorial software. Is there any objective limitations or restrictions for this is not available?

To begin to answer these questions we must first consider the conditionality of such opportunities of individuals according to the known type hierarchy structure of the psyche. People only by the

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Rodnoverie and Ynglings

Temples in Asgard

Many people now have become interested in Ancient Slavic culture and their roots. Many tired of the fact that Russia — a country with no history and memory, and that all the good things we have, we have adopted from others. Now the attention of many to the cultures and beliefs Rodnoverie or Staroverov Ynglings. In essence it is the same, just confusion arises when Believers claim to those who preach the religion of Christ, to the changes that it has made the church split times Nikon.

Rodnoverie — (Rodoverie, Rodoljub, Rodobozhie, Dobrosława) — relegioznoe

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The collapse of the U.S. c 21 December 2012? Lease expires on the Fed printing press (updated)

U.S. empire is threatened with collapse. Known even to the exact date when it can start the process. And there is no mystery. In the basis of these conclusions is solely financial, economic and tribal reasons and state elites in North America. That is why Germany and Switzerland may require the return of U.S. gold, and the entire financial world is on the eve of dumping dollar cash.

That is why the United States began a long-term destabilization of the entire Middle East and the Maghreb. That is why the U.S. is building concentration camps to form a stock of

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Kazakov, who complained to Putin and Medvedev at the officials, exposed public flogging

Photo: dymovskiy.name

South Ural Cossack village Magnetic wroteopen letterPrime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev. It criticized the policy of regional authorities with regard to the Cossacks. However, as reportedPolit.Ru, approval letter is not found in the official leadership of the Orenburg Cossack Army Society. Authors decided to subject the public flogging.

On the whole leadership of the Cossacks, as thereportMagnitogorsk city Cossack chieftain society "The village Magnetic" Nyquist DN, supports the position of the letter authors. However, the very form of treatment seemed chieftain too democratic and worthy of punishment.

Moreover, the board of the

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MSU experts uncovered a global network of child trafficking

Parental shield against anti-extorsion. Beckman exposes Gestapo XXI century. The names of the child traffickers January 26, 2013 MSU experts, who gathered from all parts of Russia to Moscow Lomonosov Prospect, issued a worldwide network of child trafficking and stated that it was time for each city to create domestic Interior Ministry special forces to combat this new form of Russian organized crime. Analyzing thirty years of turning kids into slaves juvenile gosdiktatury in the EU, MSU experts noted that the state juvenile system across Europe gradually merged into one, and then merged with the global network

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How should NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk for the people?

Once again a lot of fuss about that Ulyanovsk can be a place for the appearance of the map of Russia NATO transit point for transit transfer of so-called "non-lethal" supplies to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan. On his page on a social networking Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said immediately that the Russians no panic about it was not satisfied and did not even think to call Ulyanovsk new NATO military base.

Rogozin said that the event is purely commercial in nature, and that in Ulyanovsk will be transported only "mineral water, towels, tents, etc." Like, why contrive controversy about

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Mikhail Zadornov: Poslevybory

The most popular dialogue in the west after the elections in Russia: — Hear that? Yesterday in Russia were the presidential elections. — Yes? So, who came in second?


Yes, unfortunately, they came over and the usual gray Putney.


So it is time to part with the former president. There is evidence that it has disappeared from all but a very frustrated. The fact is that with the attack on Vladimir Putin's attack was organized and Dmitry Medvedev. Attackers have thrown him a worm farm in "mates"!


Since the work of election commissions headed Churov, Russia

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They say the king — a fake!

Many people write about that Putin's wife hid in a monastery, for too long, it will not appear in public. I think more likely is another version — neither Putin nor his wife nor his children long ago neither in public, or anywhere else. There are several indirect evidence.

1) Appearance. All these funny conversations about Botox make you think that the president went to the roof. At the same went crazy convenient to write off all sorts of idiotic antics. But one fact can be considered accurate and reliable — a man who is called Putin sharply and greatly

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Released the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia

Former director of the Institute of Statistics Basil Simchera with the words "I'm tired of lying!" Presented real data, according to the portal "Future RUSSIA" We have somehow come to terms with the fact that the official (in the person of Rosstat and other agencies), statistics, fixing the "achievements" of Russia, to us, to put it mildly, does not always tell the truth. Sometimes stretching the truth. To put it mildly. Okay, will survive. All the more so yourself, then we are already around us appreciate life to his measure. But that she lied to the way it has recently

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Opinion on diseases inherent in our modern society

1. About zhlobstva and resentmentI once loved Moscow, but recently stopped loving this city. Moscow, in my opinion, has become the world capital zhlobstva (at least holds that dubious primacy among the cities that I know of). Zhlobstvo, I believe — is a reaction to the years of Soviet egalitarianism, multiplied by the legacy of Soviet aggression. It is well-known for his description. Redneck — a man groveling before the master, and did not recognize the people of those inferior to him in influence. The main thing for it — cool car (preferably with flashing lights) and a pile of

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