Keys to hate

The first professional scientific research methods of mass encoding began (and this not surprise anyone) at the beginning of the twentieth century in Germany. It suggested that the hatred is necessary for the survival of a highly organized body. This means that there must be some "margin of hate." Animal experiments have allowed German scientists to identify mechanisms to enable it. And not only predators, and even in mice and rabbits.

For people hate attributed to a protective mechanism, suggesting that the supply of "Fela" ("ZZ" in Latin — hate) is the same for all people. Moreover, even the

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Gender policy

This pattern of behavior has been actively encouraged female teachers. Gradually, from the school of life and feelings of boys disappeared values male character. Disappeared male heroics, epic epic male, male symbols. Boys were immersed in a purely feminine spiritual-signaling environment with its meaning and value. Moreover, the more spiritually mature girls themselves were less mature vaccinate their boys especially female characters, passion, play, emotions, dreams, imagination, habits, motives, meanings of life, fears. As a result, for several generations of the schools, where the majority of children, disappeared pololichnostnaya identity of young people, especially boys.

Finally, unique to

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Conspiracy Theory: the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers Russia shared

Alexander Timofeev: I bring to your attention a part article written by me for the newspaper "serve his country" (online version of the publication is in the works).

As you know, the modern world is ruled by capital. Alas, this is the real picture of yesterday, today, and, perhaps, and tomorrow. It just so happened that as long as there is money, people (in the vast majority, except for some righteous and crazy) will seek to acquire them. And some have, for various reasons it will turn out more successfully than others — that is the law of life. It

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Atheists hassled increased spirituality

The intervention of church officials in the secular life of the citizens of Russia is becoming the norm, and the country's opposition to clericalism now criminalized — using the popular 282-th article of the Criminal Code.

The official representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Vsevolod Chaplin almost daily media commentary happy for purely secular reasons. His last statement for classical literature.

In an interview with "Russian news service" Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said that the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is worth serious consideration for the presence of promoting pedophilia.

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The textbook for second graders offered Grey Wolf Little Red Riding Hood to undress and go to him in bed

In the "literary reading" for children 8-9 years published "non-canonical" version of the tale. Book "literary reading" for second graders, approved, among others, Ministry of Education, excited the public. It is published, to say the least, "non-canonical" translation of "Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault. The new version shines unexpected details. First, hats gave "unprecedented beauty: her mother mad about her was, and my grandmother really mad," although I do not for a young heroine noticed special external data. Confused readers and obsolete words and phrases: "ponavedatsya", "rastabaryvat", "by the way" — vocabulary, atypical for the translation of French fairy

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Why Russ unrivaled

Undoubtedly, there are things that make Russian the best, and the activities in which they are the undisputed best workers. So to speak — out of competition. In the yellow jersey, and ahead of the rest. With this must be considered, even the most high-grade Russophobe of the small but highly cohesive mercenary army homegrown liberals. And, of course, the Western world in the face of the top managers of management options such as the Department of State or any of NATO. Yes, the Russian much better. And every little bit thinking person can transfer smoothly, how. And if

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Studies show that powerful corporations do control the world financial system

Network topology, connecting some of the largest multinational corporations financial sector. For years we have heard suggestions that the whole world is in the hands of the financial elite, or a more recent version of that popular opinion, a handful of the largest transnational corporations (TNCs).

New research conducted by a team of scientists on the basis of the Swiss Technical College of Zurich (Switzerland's most prestigious university, approx. Mixednews), have shown that these fears are not groundless. Their results, researchers have filled in the pre-publication server arXiv.

To do this, the first of its kind

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Necessary to protect the Internet from the send Kazachkov. The work on the image of the U.S. in RuNet

From month to month is mounting evidence that the bogus users' crushes under him "online forums and comment threads, wrote in his blog on the website of the newspaper The Guardian environmentalist George Monbiot.

This is the so-called "astroterfinge" — creating an artificial public opinion. "The anonymity of the Internet allows companies and governments to excellent opportunities for astroterfinga — false mass campaigns, creating the impression that a lot of people requires a certain policy or oppose it," — the author writes.

According to Monbiot, unnamed astroterfer told him how to implement the forums and defended

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FSB has stood up for the Khazars

According to various media Far East on July 11 a resident of Birobidzhan Sergei Bezgodova FSB agencies endured "severe warning" for being at the intersection of Leningrad and the Soviet Birobidzhan he posted a banner dedicated to the destruction of the Khazar Khaganate. The anniversary of the defeat of Khaganate Rusichi celebrated annually on July 3, the website

Bezgodov gave the following explanation for his actions: "We put him 30th. I hoped that he would hang up on July 4. Rejoice Russian. Let other nationalities hang your banner. What's the problem, I see. To any

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Mikhail Zadornov — Why Trehlebova arrested?

On the Internet, slipped very unpleasant for me to post. Missing interesting and educated people Trehlebov. I read his writings. Let's say, something I disagree with him. What does it matter? This is my business. Maybe I'm wrong, and he, and the rights of a third party. More alarming. Trehlebov one of the highlights of today's patriots. "The Patriot" — a word not Russian, but many generations have adjusted. He makes a very important thing — develops an interest in the history of the people that this interest today formula discourages education.

The fact that the prosecutor

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