Gestapo for children

The material is very old, but in light of recent events (the removal of children from Russian parents in Finland and the bill of social patronage in Russia) is recalled.

Russian in Germany was jailed for refusing to corrupt their children. Degeneration of Western civilization is going according to the previously approved plan and only Russian, as always, create problems. Even when emigrating to the country called The "civilized world" (where, as is commonly believed, dissolve quickly in a foreign culture).

This time, in the German city Saltskotten eight families of Russian origin, refused to send their children to compulsory

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Skype allows wiretapping

Skype voice service began cooperation with law enforcement. How it will be complete, as it is technically and legally possible.

Microsoft may allow users to listen to conversations secret service Skype, as well as providing access to their personal correspondence, following the "new" policy of full cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

In this case, since the video service Skype was a serious barrier to the law enforcement authorities to conduct surveillance. Using different encryption algorithms for several years Skype has been one of the few services that interception which was almost impossible.

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Whos supposed to have no children?

The policy of reducing the world's population — one of the most important activities of the modern "civilized world." Reduction by any means, war, artificial epidemic propaganda of homosexuality and contraception. One of the most important areas — creating fashion for the absence of children. This creates a fashion for "lack of offspring." So you do not give birth and had children — you are ready to "help." Little analysis of those who cares about you to become extinct like mammoths. And probably — personal property … One of the tools in the demographic war against Russia is childfree

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Russia has introduced the toughest option juvenile system

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The agenda of the autumn session of the State Duma — a package of bills relating to the family.

This fall in the working agenda of the State Duma — the consideration of a package of bills relating to the family. This is a draft law "On social patronage", "On public control over the rights of orphans," "On the responsibility of parents for leaving children unattended," to create a "ministry of childhood."

In essence it is about the introduction in Russia juvenile system in its most rigid form, warns "" Hiding behind the fine phrases

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Why do politicians do not tell the whole truth to the public?

Question "from the audience," Nikolai Starikov meeting with readers: I think that's why, when having such power, knowing where the legs grow revolution from growing legs dollar printing press, the entire economy of capitalism, why he [Stalin — approx. Gifakt] Did not give it to the masses, not informed, why not leave a memoir, even knowing that the people after the death of [Stalin's] read the truth?

Answer: Why none of the government officials do not go out and do not tell the people the truth? Because it is impossible. Imagine Stalin begins to talk about where

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60% of Russias population is kept in poverty artificially

Quite clearly the scope of the parasitic "wasting" of petrodollars and the safety margin of the Soviet inheritance, which could, until recently, to compensate the increasing degradation of the structure of the domestic economy, archaism production and falling living standards 60% of those seen in the qualitative structure of the primitivism of economic growth. Over the past 20 years in Russia implementing pseudo-market reforms, vylivshihsya liberal pogrom in the domestic economy, the destruction of high-tech industries and the social sphere, undermining the scientific and technological potential and the genocide of the population, destroyed the basic premise and foundation for economic

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Surkov again to proselytize

Religious leaders of Russia expect Vice Premier is compatible with ideological issues.

Surkov again to proselytize

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, responsible for relations with religious organizations. For the representatives of the religious communities in Russia to a new post — not had time to become a forgotten past. Curkov already led the government commission on religious associations from February to June 2012, before it was headed by Olga Golodets. Communicated to him the religious leaders in the past, in the Bush administration.

"Izvestia" appealed to religious faiths of Russia, to tell what they

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Moscow authorities are administered to students lessons of tolerance for special textbook

In Moscow, teachers will conduct lessons of tolerance, and organize children's activities based on the manual "Ethno-Moscow". To educate children in Moscow "mutual to each other and to the traditions", the publication will introduce information about holidays and culture of the peoples living in the Russian capital, as well as information about their famous countryman, already noted in the history of Moscow. At this point, experts are encouraged to be careful not to achieve the opposite effect.

Moscow Department of interregional cooperation and national policy and relations with religious organizations, whose brainchild is etnoposobie, intends to enter into the

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Europe is tired of tolerastii

More than a year ago, a lone gunman ultrapavy Anders Breivik made a massacre in Norway, killing 77 people. Its purpose — to declare their opposition to the Government's policy in regard to Islam and immigrants. Breivik affair once again growing in Europe showed differences on these issues, and as a consequence — the radicalization of political views. Report RT correspondent Tesy Arcilla.

Former deputy speaker of the Belgian Parliament believes that the strategy of multiculturalism from the start waiting failure. In his opinion, the cause of the crisis in the EU inter-ethnic relations

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