On the defeat of Great Tartary, and the sale of Alaska


Ancient technology

Arkona — Kupalets

Scheduled for October 15 World Revolution?

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October 15 — the date of the capture of the streets. We are angry aggressive politicians and bankers in relation to our rights and freedoms, human life is devalued and we have to start capturing the street again, with more stringent methods. From north to south and from west to east, a wave of protests against the excesses of our economic and governmental systems that stalai sticking point in the evolution of mankind. Money in our world are beyond human estesstva, and we have to make them work! We — the people, not

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Prince Oleg Prophetic

Prince Oleg Prophetic in legends and folk memory. In the work of AC and Pushkin flash fragmentary information on how to "Oleg the Wise" and going "avenged unreasonable Khazars." This recognition of Prince exhausted. Meanwhile, in the Poconos, in Ruse, in Kiev, and even in the Byzantine Empire — in Constantinople — Oleg remembered. He remembered how, and why?

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Foundation for a new life

The logical conclusion of a modern civilization, based on a global parasitism and cultivating unrestrained consumption — obviously. Political, economic, social, environmental and other global issues — only indicator of this process. Antihuman system went into the dressing and its collapse is inevitable. Not really important — so important that it would be next.

Part 1. Coexistence.

After such a good lesson, many now know exactly how to not be in the future. So we have to remember the basics, which will be re-built a new life.

Slavic information portal "Darislav» (http://darislav.com/) begins a series of commercials,

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Americans U.S. Army

Already known to you on our previously published article, Tim Kirby now says that is a modern U.S. Army. You will also learn why the American people and their interests have little to do with the U.S. Army, and whose interests it actually serves.

Libyan Sirte turned into a ghost town — NATO and its spoiled rats

Kuzbass archaeologists discovered an ancient treasure unique

Carefully hidden treasure of ancient people, containing a large set of geometric shapes of ceramics (cubes, spheres, and disks) found in the Novosibirsk region Kuzbass archaeological expedition led by Professor KemSU Vladimir Bobrov.

This expedition also participated of Scientists and Surgut State Pedagogical University. Now archaeologists have puzzled over how valuable these figures were for the ancient people? Assumptions and hypotheses are different — from the simplest to the most fantastic, but there is no definite conclusion. In addition, the excavation revealed the production site for the smelting of bronze (second half of I millennium BC).

More relics

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Christian tale of Ivan — Fool

Why it happened … and why did Christian tale of Ivan — Fool … and the Jews believe the name derives from the Hebrew — John?

Vans or we Ivana, who do not remember their relationship …

Vans or we Ivana, who do not remember their relationship … Let's start with ancient mythology, which says that: VAN — an ancient hero, hero to outwit Svyatogora, one of the strongest and wisest of the gods. There Slavs of old warrior Van is the grandson of Perun.

But back to the mythology of Ancient Van (Ivan), fell in

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