Recommendations to the Peoples Militia

U.S. intelligence agencies were planning to kill protesters in case of mass actions

FBI knew about the plot to assassinate the movement participants Occupy Wall Street, but did not warn them of the potential danger. This message is followed by the publication of revelatory material that security forces monitored activists and even announced their "domestic terrorists." RT correspondent Marina Portnaya has the details.

Pandemic lies — New Movie Tsarevo


Nevzorov. Insult to the feelings of believers


Russia without the kids and welcome migrants (research)

I want to offer to your judgment a little research and observation, which I was able to spend today looking at news sites of our friends. On one of them it is already laid out in the preliminary and raw. So, what's the point.

We start with the well known juvenile justice.

Prompted me to study here this article. In particular there is written that there is a secret plan to destroy families in Russia, and in the recent past has been part of the approved plan for the removal of children from 180,000 families who will soon be declared

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Frog Princess — cartoon


Wedding in the Slavic tradition


Russian Pravda — Apocalypse 2012


Forty lessons of Russian. ST Alekseev

Performance of famous writer Sergei Trofimovich Alekseeva, on the release of his new work entitled "40 lessons of Russian."

Russia started the last sale

In 2012, Putin's government is going to sell off most of the state-owned shares of major companies. In the first place, "Rosneft", the shares of which, according to preliminary calculations generate more than 200 billion rubles. As well as state shares "VTB", "RusHydro", "FGC UES" and "SCF."

According to the Director of Property Relations of the Ministry of Economic Development, Alexei Uvarov, in 2012 planned sale of 10-15% of "Rosneft", 4.11% of shares of "FGC", 10% of "VTB", 25% of "SCF." The first part of the shares of these companies may be sold before the end of 2011 —

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