Belovodye — the country of happiness, the dream of humanity

Indestructible in the human pursuit of happiness and freedom. Goodness and beauty, patience and wisdom, the lack of back-breaking labor and joyless, prosperity and security for themselves and their families — the age-old dream of humanity

But can such a place where there is already a fair world order is? There can not be such a wonderful country, where all the wise and beautiful, where life is arranged according to the laws of beauty and justice!

And this country is! And her name — Belovodye.

Country fair

Especially a lot of talk about Belovodye — Promised Land —

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Caves Altai. Denisova Cave



Denisova Cave— Natural and archaeological sites. Located in Soloneshensky's Altai region.

The cave is located at the right side of the valley of the river Anuj 6 km downstream from the village of Black Anouilh, 1.8 km below its left tributary — p. Karakol and 40 km from the district center Soloneshnoe Altai Territory. Altitude 670 m above the present river level — 28 m entrance to the cave is exposed on the south-western and western parts of the foot of the mountain pine (Grandpa), composed Anuyskogo Ridge. The

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The terrorist attack in Domodedovo was the result of miracle

January 24 at Moscow's Domodedovo airport was a terrible tragedy. January 29 authorities reported the disclosure of the attack. But, strange to say, for some reason, few people believe this to the authorities.

And there are grounds for distrust. Investigators long time could not be defined in the artist. He Caucasian, the Ukrainians, the Arabs, then do not know who. Then, according to the investigation, a number of explosions are related, it is not connected …

But in the meantime on the main "who has benefited a terrorist attack?" None of the law enforcement officers did not respond. No terrorist

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Arktogeya or Hyperborea

The great mystery of Hermann Wirth Author: Vladimir godwits … I was reminded of this little-known thinker chance, thanks to friends. They say there have in informal circle admirers Herman Wirth. However, who is Herman Wirth, and before I knew only in the most general terms: philosophy of history, archaeologist, lexicographer, polyglot. It seems that was seen in the collaboration with the Nazis — why his name today and was forgotten. In any case, the person entertaining. When he got home, climbed into the Internet. What is very surprising, was able to fish there only little information about Herman Wirth.

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Gardening for Country Living — This is inevitable!

But now you can not only enjoy the fruits of their labor, but also a process that used to be so much discomfort! This program will be of interest not only to the viewers begin to practice organic farming, but skilled and experienced in this field. Latest agricultural development and truths for gardeners, interesting facts and cunning methods.

Vedas and Vedic Russia

Who we are and where from? Birth of a Russian Earth? How they lived and what they believed our ancestors?

Usually recall in this connection the words of the first Russian chronicler Nestor Christian era, which began as the chronicle: "Behold the hold Tale (past) years, from there went to the Russian land, who start the first Bb Kiev knyazhiti, and where there was the Russian Land …" Referring to such sources, we condemn ourselves to advance the study of Russian history at best — since the founding of Kiev. And thus we see that the pre-Christian history

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The mystery of ancient civilizations — White Gods

In Egypt, China, South and Central America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappeared, leaving its many legends and new centers of civilization. They ruled the tribes and peoples, giving them the knowledge, taught to cultivate the land and build a city, and then the mysterious white gods disappeared, promising to return when the time comes.

These old white men in Central and South America were the prototype of the Indian legend of Quetzalcoatl, and other light-skinned gods, sailed across the ocean.

So in ancient Egyptian chronicles repeatedly mentioned the

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When and who wrote the Bible?

Bible study for compliance with the stated church lads, quite unexpectedly revealed some interesting facts, many of which have long been known, but carefully concealed. It is time for us to know the truth …

"He has served us well, this myth of Christ …"Pope Leo X, XVI century.

"All is well!" — Said God created the Earth. Then he created the heavens and all the creatures on the pair of vegetation have not forgotten that the creatures have something to eat, and, of course, created in his image and likeness of the person to whom it was over

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Interesting grandfather Dmitri from Vologda, 2011


Bloggers reveal provocation power during protests in Moscow

Provocateur was a member of the movement "Nashi". Photos of "KP"

Russian bloggers continue to accuse the security forces of the Russian Federation in organizing provocations and violence in Moscow during the rallies in support of a fair investigation into the murder of fans of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov.

Since the object of attention of users "LiveJournal" has become a so-called "ziguyuschy provocateur" — the guy who often spotted with his hand, depicting Nazi salute:

How do I find bloggers, this man's name is Levon Arzumanyan. It is next to the head of the Information and Public Relations of

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