Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!

Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people! Our descendants, sources Ingle (Divine Wisdom Zhiznerodyaschego Sacred Fire) is transmitted by word and creates connection with ancestors like the equator of the Earth Reveal (in this case the so-called Earth), uniting the North and South Poles.

The relationship between the world and the world of the ancestors of the Earth stated Conscience aces (children) like the Earth's equator separates the positive and negative pole of Midgard. (The ancient and the present name of our Earth means "Heartland")

Downward Heavenly Wisdom is like a river of life and has the keys

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Craft 1: Quilting

Prohibited report on TVC of the rally at the Swamp


Russian — the language of the universe


In Canada and the United States want to legalize pedophilia

In the Canadian Parliament during the discussion of the amendments to the law called pedophilia "sexual orientation on par with homosexuality." In the U.S., the organization «B4U-ACT» fighting for the legalization of pedophilia.

Before officials made the University of Montreal psychologist Hubert van Gidzhseghem and Dr. Vernon Quincy. Scientists have tried to convince the authorities that pedophilia — not mental illness, but a special form of sexual orientation, along with homo-and heterosexuality. According to psychologists, "treat" chemical castration of pedophiles or subject them to jail — just barbaric.

One of the professors said that treat pedophiles — the same thing

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Zadornov on Elections (2011)

The famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov makes comments about the elections to the State Duma, and gives his opinion on when Vladimir Putin was booed at the Olympic.

Chudinov VA — Russian runes and pre-Christian culture. Part 2

2 part. City of Peace and Power and sklaven Grakov. Slavonic inscriptions on Greek and Etruscan products.

Meaning of the symbols of the Slavic suspension

The symbolism of the suspension — hard. General symbolic meaning is composed of several separate known characters: "Star Cross", "Alatyr", "New Life", "Makos".

"Star of the Cross" — a symbol oberegovy, orienting direction of the talisman to the four corners of the world — top, bottom and two sides. Always takes center stage people. He seems to be placed in the center of the star.

"New Life" — a symbol indicating the woman in pregnancy, in agriculture, the sown fields. The point in the rhombus, by BA Rybakov, — the germ of a new life. Hence the name of the

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Birds attacked airport

Several passenger planes trying to take off from the airport "Dabolium" in the famous Indian resort state of Goa have been exposed to an attack by angry members of the family of birds.

According to information provided by the Indian media yesterday, the first victim of the attack was the bird plane of Russian airline "Aeroflot", which fly the route "Panaji — Moscow." Hardly raise the plane in the air, pilots had to make an emergency landing. Since landing in the big problem with the tires, we can say that the fact that none of the passengers and crew members

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Slavic FACTS


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