Perverted tolerance

A man must have freedom. This is what is most important for a normal life. Freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of choice … In recent years most of the world the concept of freedom and tolerance has become distorted.

Take the recent example of the absurd. In France and in many Islamic countries began mass protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Seriously considering just how much it might offend believers. However, if you ban those cartoons to print, it is also infringe upon the rights of other free citizens who are either members of

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Motives falsification Veles book

According to legend, the now defunct, a thousand years ago, wise men hid the book with the true knowledge, which is still preserved, and no one is found, and if it is found, then the world will change. "Veles book" just pretend to be one of those books.

Of course, "Vlesova book", this Mirolyubovo and modern "Veles book" created Busom Kresen — various works written on the same topic. Bus Kresen misled us, declaring himself reconstructor and not the author of this new book. This was necessary for commercial success and popularity of the book, which has

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Servants of the ROC explained why they need a luxury Mercedes and residence

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, explained why the Russian Orthodox Church need luxury and why priests are allowed to wear expensive clothes. Father Vsevolod believes that this is an imaginary wealth needed to "reflect the social prestige of the Church."

"People want to be, and the temples of God, and the vestments of the clergy, and the elements associated with the social prestige of the clergy, would be the most visible and reflect the place of the Church in society, which any believer considers central" — said Father Vsevolod, who heads Synodal Department for Church and Society.


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Slavic community

Our ancestors have always lived by the community. This helped to survive and thrive, even now, those who are united in the community, clan, organization, etc. become more successful and prosperous (although organizations are different, have different goals and go different ways, but we want to have more of these organizations that help people and contribute to their development and happiness of their families!) association helps people in all areas: material world — the more harmonious people, the worse thing you can organize, the more the organization will be a resource and material support;

in the spiritual

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Key management techniques Humanity


For many people in Russia, it is no secret that all social processes are controlled character. War itself did not start, states do not fall apart.

Everything in the world is controlled by someone else, just constantly inspire people — all by chance, ghostly, live day to day, not to think about the past, not to notice the shortcomings of the present, and certainly not about the future. For you have already decided everything!

Most important methods of control of cooling towers for information (the famous "Who owns the information, owns the

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How open Hyperborea

A person who receives the word queries in Yandex "Hyperborea", usually comes in a book by Valery Demin in the library Moshkova (because high position). And then explains that Hyperborea was opened expedition Demina on that day in August 1997. So begins the first encounter with the subject — right from the first lie.

Sunset in the Khibiny.


Labyrinth on the island Oleshin Body.

Hyperborea never opened in the literal sense — as Troy. That is on its territory was not archaeological, except in the surface layer picking style archaeologist Alexander Bryusov

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Be Om instead chode

Any person sooner or later interest in questions of self-discovery. This is not only influenced by the sayings of the great, "Know thyself," and the like, due to the simple and the need to maintain their own health and to work effectively in a society of their own kind, harmoniously integrate into the world.

It should be noted that the world around us, in spite of the tremendous efforts of "modern society", torturing the Earth is nuclear explosions, the attempt to turn back the river, remains harmonious, as it is a manifestation, a projection of a harmonious

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The Rothschilds created the modern financial system and its own state


Rothschild dynasty, no doubt, can be considered a pioneer in the field of international finance. Its founder, Mayer Rothschild was listed seventh in the list of the most influential businessmen in the history according to Forbes. It is called the founder of the modern banking system, which introduced the concept of "diversification, rapid transmission of information, privacy, and the large turnover."

Simply put, Meyer was ready and understand the need to spend big bucks to get a huge profit.

However, the rapidly growing rich family more than once in its history, faced with a hostile attitude.

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Vikings — the last with drive north

Varangian question "- the central core of the infamous" Norman theory ", which for more than two and a half centuries of endeavor to bring Russian history of alien. Honor historical science is not delivered, but led to hopeless deadlock. Output in such cases is simple — similar to the Gordian knot: it can not untie, but you can cut.

For both parties — and Normanists antinormanistov — caught up in the same scheme: take for granted is that the Russian Vikings — just another name for the Scandinavian Vikings (Norsemen), who spoke or Swedish, or in Norwegian (sometimes allowed

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Russ Vedic — a future reality

Russ Vedic — a future reality that only embodied, which has yet to materialize fully.

This is our desired future image fantastic, divine, wonderful image of a glorious future.

This bogotsivilizatsiya godmen.

This is a wonderful alternative reality in which our place, where we live — it is a pure land of the immortal gods, which are all favorable conditions for the practice of Dharma, flowering, evolution, spiritual development for everyone.

The past is gone and it will never happen again with a probability of one hundred percent.

But the future is sure to come, and will come with

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