Bukov construction principle. The letter of the ancient Slavs

Diploma ancient Slavs — the progenitor of the modern Russian language and many other languages. Vseyasvetnaya charter. ABC of the ancient Slavs.


Scientists predict forthcoming meeting with the aliens

No sooner had the British authorities to publish government data archived on contact with the aliens, as a conference in Dublin, where European scientists discussed what to do when the aliens visit Earth. They believe that the meeting will happen to them in the coming decades, according to Daily Mail.

According to statistics, about 44% of the inhabitants of Albion believe that aliens exist, and just over 30% believe that people have to continuously look for extraterrestrial life, and try to get in touch with them. However, the participants of the Dublin conference believe that, even if the contact

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Interview with a witness detention Shubnikov Trehlebova

Interviews with participants on lucid dreaming, where the arrest took place Shubnikov Trehlebova and participants.




Genocide of Slavs in the 90s in Chechnya (Genocide of Slavs in the ninetieth in Chechnya)

GENOCIDE Russian speakers in Chechnya bore a mass character, shot GROUPS AND ALONE

American politician openly threatens war in Russia

U.S. Republican Senator John McCain, ironically took the news of Putin's intention to run for president in 2012.

On Saturday, at the Congress of "United Russia" resolved the main intrigue of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia. From the "tandem" to run for president will be Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The current president, Dmitry Medvedev will head the list of United Russia in the Duma elections, and is expected to become prime minister then.

"Surprise, surprise — the shocking news — Putin will again be elected president," — wrote McCain on Saturday on his page on Twitter.

This conservative

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Veda Ancient

Banned commercials



seq. and music. Sergei Salt App. author

Flashmob RUSSIAN

Dezhnevo Ukhta

"Cape Dezhnevo" from "subjective camera" Once with the beginning of the history of this village future gas industrial center of the Komi Republic — city of Ukhta. In Dezhnevo first lived in towns. They built 6 kilometers from a new city. With modern housing and the prospects of the good life. Dark came the 90's and those who did not leave the neighborhood, were forgotten by the city that was built. House looked like barracks, people mostly fell to the bottom. Today at the 2000 residents in Dezhnevo no school, no leisure center, a

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