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Irkutsk prison. The territory of Torture!


Moscow City Court read out the verdict in the case of Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov

Moscow City Court sentenced retired GRU Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov to 13 years in penal colony on Friday the eighth of February. He was found guilty of sedition and aiding terrorism.

Video NTV, RIA Novosti

U.S. secret world war

Recently, it was reported that the structure of the Pentagon there is some secret special forces unit that leads the global secret war around the world. The scope of this war was not known until now.

After the brutal murder of Osama bin Laden by U.S. "sea lion" is a secret unit that is part of the armed forces, suddenly in the spotlight. Detecting it seems at least strange. Despite the fact that the army special forces were active in the territories of such countries as Iraq and Afghanistan, it became clear that without them there were

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Mikhail Zadornov: TV works for cattle

TV zombiruet

Alexander Tsekalo makes comedians cut jokes on censorship Satirist Mikhail Zadornov right during the new year almost broke his contract with the TV channel REN TV, where his concert "castrated" by censorship. The incident led to the fact that Mikhail eventually became disillusioned with "zombiyaschike" and asked fans to rid their apartments from harmful electrical device chtobyu have more time left for reading books and intimate relationships. Over the New Year holidays, I never turn on the television. This is — the subject of my bragging! Scandals do not interest me, vulgarity spoils the mood,

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The great mystery of womanhood, the great mystery of manhood. Sacrament of Love

The great mystery of womanhood, the great mystery of manhood. What is the solution of these two great mysteries? What is the absolute femininity? And what is the absolute masculinity? What is their purpose on earth? ASCENT project.

Finders. Homeland Rights (12/02/2012)

In 1982, archaeologists Yakut in taking geological samples in the town of Deering-Yuryakh (Yakutia) stumbled upon an ancient tomb, and then found and the accumulation of stones with traces of primitive processing. Results of examinations held in Yakutsk and Moscow, were sensational! It turned out that finds more than 2 million years! These figures have been turned on its head conventional notions about the origin and development of humanity on Earth. Until recently it was thought that the ancestral home of mankind is Africa. Prove the age of the African ancient sites — about 2 million years. But maybe that's

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Opinion about Russian philologist

By education I am a philologist. Working in the field of word creation for many years, I came to the conclusion that the Russian language has turned into a meaningless pile of rules. Children learn them, but do not understand the meaning — why and for whom are all those rules, why you need to write as they do. So growing gap between the modern Russian language and the native speech. This chasm — not a new phenomenon, it increased from century to century. The beginning of its formation can be considered the emergence of Cyrillic, which, in fact,

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Courts in Europe openly side with pedophiles

In Norway, the court sought the court costs with an 8-year-old girl who suffered sexual abuse by pedophile. This was an article in the Norwegian edition of Aftenposten.

Translation performed translation team of "Northern goat" with revisions edition Hypotheses and Facts.

The Court of Appeal Aust-Telemark province sentenced the eight-year girl, suffering from heart disease, to pay court costs the person who committed violence against her (this was in 2009).

The newspaper Telemarksavisa, for sexual abuse of girls eight to five months in prison, was sentenced 63-year-old man. He, however, was acquitted on compensation claims.

The refund amount was CZK

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Fear of the people — power base


In this video, once again we will talk about the global elite, "masters" governing world backstage. They have dozens of names. Part they have come up with, some of them gave inkling of their existence.

Have you ever been that, contrary to the idealistic young cries and calls for an awakening of the population, throw off the yoke of tyranny of the world revolution, Gale simply not Shocking? If only because that almost all (maybe even all) of the known world of the revolution have been made with their light

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