Svarog Circle and 2012

Precession — it is a slow movement of the axis of a rotating body (in this case — the world) so that it ends (at the earth — pole) slowly turned in a circle, like turning the spinning top, if it is tilted away from the vertical. The angle of inclination of the axis of the vertical line in any position precessional shift the same. Earth's axis precession rate is very slow — 1 ° for every 71.6 years. A full circle of the pole will be for 25,776 years (360 ° x 71.6).

But except for a

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Ancient Faith Slavs

This article aims to tell the real truth to modern man, with no distortion and false interpretations of the ancient belief of Aryan and Slavic peoples — Ingliizme. For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today's world there is "indisputable, scientifically proven opinion" about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their "invaluable contribution" to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But

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Mystery Dolls


It is now Merinova — dacha village, quiet, blissful, warm and jovial. But why rush the ring came to rest.

And once she had the robber but schismatic glory. Here vatazhniki Stenka Razin wintered. Boat with the goods but wealth faileth. Rumors of Razinsky treasures still live, but just about anyone else they were given no treasure.

When Stepan Razin badly beaten on the Volga, part vatazhnikov scattered along small rivers, lay down, hiding. Here in Merinova settled, buried under runaways.

And then there was a schism. Patriarch Nikon his will rewritten and old

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Slavic embroidery

The history of cross-stitch goes back centuries. When there was no script and no Christian prayers. In that distant era, women embroidered with a cross turned to pagan gods to protect them and their loved ones from the pain and misfortune. Cross-stitch was purely sacred meaning.

Slavs mostly embroidered red thread on a white field. Cross painted clothing, shoes, bed sheets, curtains, towels.

Each pattern. every line were filled with special meaning. They brought into the world and God's own message.

One of the most common symbols in Slavic embroidery is a symbol of the sun, square, diamond,

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Semezhevskie red and white towels included in the State List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus

Semezhevskie red and white towels included in the State List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Belarusian Republican Scientific and Methodological Council for Historical and Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. Kapylyane believe the inclusion of laying weaving in List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Belarus — is the first step towards making semezhevskie red and white towels in the World Heritage List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which is already registered semezhevskie Christmas ritual of "kings."


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Of towels


Towel word comes from the root "Rush", "ruh". The dictionary Vasmer "ruin" — break, tear, ie towel — torn piece of cloth cut. Woven cloth very long. In Slavic languages, the root of this value is found in the word, meaning a sheet, shirt, clothes — ruho, junk. They carry the semantics of the integrity of woven fabric. Many famous writing "fear a blank sheet of paper", sorry to spoil it, the same experienced by our ancestors, when torn with difficulty the fabric.

The question is: why is torn, not cut? The fact that the weaving

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Traditional Russian culture. Clothing

Russian folk costume

This article will talk about the traditional Russian costumes.

In the past, one of the purposes of protection of human clothing was from the adverse effects of the environment. Formerly known clothing clothing. It was believed that spin thread should only women's hands, as the very spinning is hidden action, like childbirth, and therefore only a woman can take over the tow, which is preparing for her man. Weaving, cut, sewing, doing embroidery, mostly women and girls in the winter. Men also had to be able to do it, and in Russia has always

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Farther militia Lukashenko

He will not allow "to plunge his country into chaos coups or separatist dismemberment"

/ / Igor Plugatarev

Collage Andrei Grizzly

Belarus became the governor-general republic, in which, in addition to the armed forces, numbering 50,000 soldiers (plus 15,000 civilian personnel) will create another 120 thousandth army. Such a conclusion can be reached after the announcement of the President of Belarus, with whom he made on November 4 Gozhskom site in the Grodno region, where the exercises were held territorial defense forces. In support of his Belarusian chief immediately handed the general managers of six major's

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News. Ru says, in the Samara region found a cave with a pagan temple

In Samara region found an ancient cave, created by human hands. Presumably, this tunnel, which is mined in pagan times, sandstone. According to scientists, the cave could be used as a church. Samara, the main finding of cavers hidden from prying eyes steep slope, densely overgrown pine forest, and the unavailability of transport natural camouflage. The nature of these places is that literally under every boulder you can look for the entrance to the cave. Underground all furrowed by hundreds of meters. But studied only a small part of moves. The cave was discovered in a sensational chance.

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Vottovaara mountain — one of the most mysterious places on Earth

In the mythology of different nations there is a story about the World Mountain. First emerged from the ocean of chaos mountain. Then there appeared to the Creator — God of the Sun — Ra.

Phoenix then shouted the beginning of time. Time in the philosophy of the ancient cycles. In terms of World Mountain walk sun and moon over its center is the North Star, and on top is the abode of the Gods. Where is the World Mountain. No one is sure.

One thing is that the mountain is located in the North.

In this ancient authors

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