A shock right in Russia

Two things were a great loss to the people of Russian Slavic tribe, whose loss continues to take shape and detrimental to the education of the younger generation — it is family and community.

The loss of the family as a unit of society, indeed, within which a person comes to the Light of God and dies, its impact on the education of their ancient way of life, their home, where there are male and female halves, where before the eyes of the boy are representatives of all four stages of life human, I will not say. This is

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Unique city built in Berarusi masters, in the Gomel region

On the territory of Zashirskogo cultural and sports center, which at Yale Renee is a big building. Its result should be unique to the city of Gomel artists. Fundamentally different from their "brothers", which takes place at the festive event, this will be what is an exhibition and sale, and the very real studio.

Significantly more and that provides minimum investment in the project budget. A significant portion of the cost is covered by sponsors. Besides the construction of even use bricks from decommissioned farms. Expect developers and enthusiasts and lovers of old, reviving crafts of our ancestors.

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Nestor lzheletopisets

The first indigenous people of Moscow were vyatichi, which the chronicler Nestor says this: "… There were two brothers in lyahah one Radim, another Vyatka, Radim came and sat on the river Sozh from him Dubbed radzimichy, Vyatka and his native village on the Oka River, from He was nicknamed vyatichi. "

Then Nestor describes their manners and customs:

"Radimichi, vyatichi northerners have the same custom of living in the woods like animals, they all ate unclean sramoslove had them before fathers and daughters in law, marriage was not with them, but there were revels between the villages. Converged

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How to survive in todays materialistic world in information war

(Against the Darkness. Episode 5. Rusichi Tips wakes.)

1. Tempers and exercise your body, do not relax. This is pleasing to the gods. This also gets rid of depression, depression is a fraud awareness. Ill spirit — Get the body. It should give yourself a physical activity, have a run — and the perception of the world changes, come new solutions of urgent problems. Thoughts come to you, depending on the tone of the body. Remember that.

> 2. Watch your language. Cleanse it of unnecessary foreign terms that have counterparts in the native language, so do not

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You want to kill people, destroy it language

Alexander S. SHISHKOV

Alexander S. Shishkov, a prominent statesman and public figure of the nineteenth century, the admiral and the Secretary of State, serving faithfully for four kings, Minister of Education and President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of priceless works, the significance of which has not really understood until now. One of them — "Slavyanorussky korneslov" the moral potential of the Russian language. Chapter of this book we are publishing today. Speech delivered by the President of the Russian Academy of Science annual meeting in solemn Our language — TREE, breed adverb

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Firebird — it is not fiction!

From childhood we are used to a simple explanation for the existence of this mysterious miracle bird. Mythical creature of Russian fairy tales, it is the object of the search character. Feathers firebird have the ability to glow and shine, amazing view of the people. Its feathers gleaming silver and gold, the wings, the flames, his eyes shine like crystals. Reaches the size of a peacock.

But there is a different opinion about this creation. Here he writes about the authoritative American magazine Fate. The existence of strange and unclassified forms of life that might inhabit the Earth atmosphere,

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Perun and its role in modern life

Knowledge of the gods in general, and of Perun in particular, we draw from ancient written sources, oral traditions and personal influx. Each method is imperfect. Annals of incomplete and biased. Intuition sometimes brings even venerable seers.

For example, Dobroslav in his excellent book on the whole "Paganism like magic" (M. 2005), feels completely wrong and treats the concept of holiness, considering that it came under the influence of Christianity, and is the age-old concept of light. Of course, these words and concepts are related, of course, the "light" is primary, and the "sanctity" is a derivative of it, but

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The myth of the eternal poverty simple Russian people

Boris Kustodiev. Country Fair. 1920

Very widely believed that the common people in Russia have always lived hard, constantly hungry, and he endured all sorts of harassment from the boyars and the landowners. However, since it was for real? Of course, due to objective reasons, we now have almost no statistical data on the pre-revolutionary Russia, such as GDP per capita, cost of living, cost of living, etc.

The material for this article we will use quotes from the memoirs of foreigners on their visit to Russia at the same time. They are even more valuable

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Rope ornament on the Volkhov


"Rope" ornament on the Volkhov According to the data of Novgorod archaeological expedition

An image "rope" ornaments on the subjects of arts and crafts are the echo of the art of weaving, which was utilized by humanity at the dawn of civilization. Popularity due to the antiquity of woven ornament of weaving — one of the first crafts person.

Most archaic way of working textiles have become the most ancient ornaments. Ornament in the form of a wavy or zigzag braid of two strands, correlating with the structure of threads used in the art

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About our cosmic ancestry

If we are interested in the Vedas, written by our ancestors for us, all the mysteries of ancient history and anthropological mysteries appear to us in a completely different light.

The fact that at the bottom, is the likeness of that which is above and that which is above, is the basis for the similarity of the fact that at the bottom, at the original will of Him whom we men call the Great Pa-M-X. (In other words we can say this: The Earth is like a different world from where our ancestors came.)

Many years ago there was

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