How Russia turns to China

Chinese puzzle will soon become a compulsory subject in the local schools. There are taught not only to write Chinese characters, but also beautiful to say. In Blagoveshchensk in the local schools were the majority of the classes — with a Chinese twist. And with the new school year will be required to study Chinese at all levels. Teach not only the letter but also the ability to speak beautifully, are Chinese teachers from the school of Confucius. And not just for children — retirees believe that normally live in the Russian pension only in China.


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ROC announces sectarian any competitors Orthodoxy

Fear of the mysterious sects typical for many countries, but in Russia it has unique features …

When in Russia for offenses that their cruelty and senselessness beyond human understanding, immediately voices — did sectarians. It happens not only at the level of mass consciousness. Povalny fright before the mysterious sect and ready to accuse them of all mortal sins equally cover and the audience, and the church, and law enforcement. Recently, our interior minister even mentioned a list of 10 particularly dangerous sects in the country, but did not disclose it, even more than the added fuel to the

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Belarusian music












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Chief Pop restores Shabbat!

Tongued churchmen began to convince the flock in that the Sabbath holy resurrection, and that the Jewish God punished severely pray on Saturdays. And now, Christians of all planets are obliged to obey the orders of the Jewish …

New Testament of the Bible was written in the 16th century. And this fact is undeniable, written evidence, clear to everyone who can read. The so-called evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were sitting in an English prison in 1558!

This was written by Charles Dickens in the 19th century in the book "History of England for young» («Child's

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Britain refuses to Mom and Dad

British authorities in the near future are going to delete the words "father" and "mother" of the questionnaire completed for a passport. Instead of the words under pressure defenders of gay rights in the applications to the term "parent one" and "parent two."

The change in the profile will be made until December 2011, so as not to create problems for same-sex couples who are raising children. The documents, acquired, by the newspaper, the amendments made lobby group Stonewall, advocates for the rights of sexual minorities.

Gay rights advocates argue that the Gay in the UK is up to 10%

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U.S. prepares for war — the occupation of Russia

UFOs. Control over land

Why Hitler wanted to build a base in Antarctica, why failed covert operation the U.S. military in its search for what they are doing UFO at both poles of the planet, both in the air and under water? These and many other facts, as well as the UFO hypothesis influence on the civilization of the people.


Americans are preparing for World War III

U.S. Navy hastily prepared for an emergency. Pentagon doubles the number of trawlers in the Gulf, and large ships are equipped to fight speedboats. Such weapons shows that the United States is due respect to the Iranian navy

U.S. minesweeper Scout, during a training exercise in 2010

Teachings «Millennium Challenge 2002", which involved 13,000 soldiers, was a demonstration of American military might. They spent $ 250 million.

As commander of the hostile forces made by Paul Van Riper, Lieutenant-General of the Marine Corps, retired. The enemy, according to the interpretation of widely-used, was Iran, as a strategic bridgehead

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Vatican revealed the dark secrets of history

In Rome, an exhibition of rare documents provided by the Vatican. Only about 100 copies of the famous secret papal archives, which cover more than 15 centuries of European and world history. Here you can see the manuscripts with the most high-profile Inquisition, the Crusades documents, manuscripts of great scientists and thinkers. Advertising and the success of the event secured the man in the Vatican hate. Dan Brown. Thanks to him, everyone knows terrible secret papal archives there is nothing in the world.

Open secrets and reveal books and letters that have never left the Vatican decided

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Epic-tale. Sadko

Singer Lyudmila Ivanischenko, accompaniment Alexei Mehnetsova involving Alexander and Lubov Teplova Basurmanovoy Gusli concert. Sheremetev Palace. 7maya 2010.

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