Bacteria are able to glue cement construction

Researchers from the University of Newcastle (UK), led by Jennifer Hollinan developed a new type of glue that can patch the cracks in concrete structures and to help the speedy restoration of buildings damaged, for example, as a result of seismic hazards, according to the publication TechNewsDaily.

But the glue that is not really the glue that is not some sort of synthetic material, a bacterium specifically bred to penetrate deep into the cracks and replace him putty.

BacillaFilla, as researchers call it, is nothing more than a genetically modified Bacillus subtilis (Bacillus subtilis) — ubiquitous soil bacterium.

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The Story of a fraud, or global warming

Legacy of White Russia from the media







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The last card Reptiles — alien invasion


Hidden Empire States

The era of universal absurdity: in the U.S. birth certificate inscribed three parents

Court of Miami-Dade County (Florida, USA) officially allowed to write on the birth certificate year-old girl of three parents: two izvraschenok who are in a same-sex marriage, and a male homosexual, according to The Christian News Network.

Thus ended a two-year legal battle between two lesbians and their friends barber-sodomites, which they asked to "help them" to give birth to a child.

Massimiliano "Massimo" Guerin (Massimiliano «Massimo» Gerina) agreed to become a "donor" for Mary and Cher Filippazzo Italiano (Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo), who concluded his blasphemous "marriage" in Connecticut, where it can be done legally. But when the

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The New Testament and the Beast old Aryan tradition of monotheism. Gomonov Y.


Military Secret (12/11/2012)

Winter Day God Perun

Dear friends!

Congratulations to all on a holiday winter day Perun!

33 Beylet SMZH summer 7518 (10-11.01.2011 city).

That is what is written about the holiday in the Vedas:

In ancient times God Perun freed from hell people. All who lured there by fraud and force, and gave them the opportunity to return to their homes. When people come out of hell, God Perun flunked the entrance to the Sunshine (gate mezhdumirya) Caucasian mountains … but the Earth, in addition to people slipped out of hell and all ungodliness …

Liberated people gladly welcomed their home,

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Military secret. (Aired 9/24/2012)

— Al-Qaeda and the CIA. A marriage of convenience? — Russian missile "Mosquito": nightmare for the Pentagon; — Predatory "Puma" for German soldiers; — Chechen revenge. Diary unforgotten war; — Big Blue, The secret ocean depths; — Iron Felix. Short life and mysterious death of the first Chekistov; — Lost: a dangerous martial arts skills in self-defense? — RMB-93 — the newest weapon of Russian special forces; — Whether there is our world? Fantasia on a planetary scale. — "UFO". Operation of disinformation.

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