Day space istoriy.Tayna men in black

November 18, 2012 0:57

On the members of secret organizations that collect, analyze and classification of information on UFOs.

Ancient Rus. Taman

March 20, 2012 17:29

Siberian shamans of impending disaster

November 12, 2012 7:38

In 1975, in many Siberian cities of Irkutsk samizdat a book anthropologist and ethnographer of Philosophy Candidate Artemia Polotsk, which contained the prophetic predictions of shamans and conservatives on those disasters that ever shook our world, and those — come — which called the "end of the world."

Over 30 years ago the Soviet A.Polotsky first told readers about the legendary Mayan calendar and tried to interpret the Bible in terms of its view of the time available to mankind.

All contents of this book, which caused a lot of noise while in Novosibirsk and

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The aliens live on the moon

November 7, 2012 4:23

Everyone who lives in the world, not just admiring fantastic light only satellite of our own planet — the Moon. But scientists have long regarded the moon as a source of supply of mineral resources for the needs of the planet, as well as the launching pad for entry into the solar system.

But earthlings seem to have indicated that they are too late — the moon already has an owner.

Many of the facts and circumstances support this conclusion.

After the huge excitement and competition in exploration of the Moon, 90 years of lunar

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Secrets of the Sun

November 4, 2012 5:06

Recently, the Sun was at the center of attention of the general public. Which only sin not blame our star, his behavior is deeply wrong, and does not fall under any of the existing scientific theories, namely the Sun, not the people — the true culprit of global warming, the global financial crisis and other disasters, falling on humanity, in 2012 , in full accordance with the Mayan Calendar, the Sun will grandiose flash, and come the end of the world …

For answers to these burning questions, we asked the director of the Institute

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After the end of the world will be a center of the world, Moscow

November 2, 2012 17:44

"Utro" asked for comments to the Russian astrologers and shamans about the expected, according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world 21/12/12. Valentin Hagdaev recently returned from Mexico, with annual world shamanic Congress, where he represented the shamans of Siberia and the Far East. "The Congress-Indian shaman from Argentina, Chile, Peru — they laugh at the Europeans, they say, a white person can exaggerate everything," — said Valentine.

According to the teachings of our shamans, the world will end when running through the woods deer hooves will strike fire, and the tips of

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Tibetan monk gives tips on how to survive the apocalypse

October 30, 2012 17:34

Lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala told how to survive the apocalypse, which he said will last two weeks.

If you believe the predictions of the Maya, before the apocalypse less than two months. And although scientists, as they should be, are loath to believe in the absurd predictions, astrologers and soothsayers are seriously discussing what will be the designated end of the world.

So, Tibetan lamas do not hide the fact that the risk of a serious accident is quite large: in late December, the Solar system

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The strength and weakness of the great magician Merlin

October 28, 2012 23:30

A great magician and prophet Merlin, perhaps, is that figure, which scrapped the portraits of all the powerful sorcerers of the Middle Ages. From birth to death, his life consists entirely of mystery and miraculous events.

The strength and weakness of the great Maga.Tsarstvovanie famous King Arthur refers to the end V — VI century beginning. At the same time came the life and deeds of his trusted advisor — the magician Merlin.

According to one legend, he was born a human woman from a demon. He intended the role of Antichrist, but the child's

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Obama will be the last president of the United States?

October 28, 2012 17:38

January 20, 2009 at the inauguration of Barack Obama were confused words of the oath. According to media reports, the chairman of the board made a mistake the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts, for which Obama repeated the words. So the next day the president of the United States had to take the oath again. Someone took it as annoying, but not too significant misunderstanding someone, by contrast, drew attention to the fact that the ceremony was saddened not only this, but other strange events. Maybe today it makes sense to remember the predictions of the

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Unknown. Nostradamus (2012)

October 15, 2012 5:58

In 2012! Are the predictions of the great prophet is true whether their interpretation? Between facts and fiction has a very thin, barely visible face. Are there any scientific evidence and specific documentary evidence coming end of the world?

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