Unknown. Nostradamus 2012. 1.2 series (11/10/2012)

October 13, 2012 16:23

There is no place guesswork, but a serious scientific approach, good journalistic investigation and impartial monitoring underlie the new documentary series "Mystery." The main feature of the new documentary series — it's the people themselves, it is based on people's lives.

About the film: 2012! Are the predictions of the great prophet is true whether their interpretation? Between facts and fiction has a very thin, barely visible face. Are there any scientific evidence and specific documentary evidence coming end of the world?

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Physicists propose to experimentally verify the existence of the Matrix

October 12, 2012 20:34

American and German physicists propose to experimentally verify the fact that we and the visible universe we are the reliable computer models.

It is unknown whether the experiment is technically feasible

Note that the hypothesis of a simulation of reality perceived by us was created by Swedish transhumanist philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2003.

The hypothesis is as follows: "If we assume that one day humanity will evolve into super-civilization, the current status, with high probability, is the result of the simulation of the evolution of our sverhpotomkami."

Such ideas and work Bosstroma repeatedly resisted

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Peace in the XXI century

October 9, 2012 21:37

The most famous futurist and inventor of the world have made their predictions for the next hundred years, having met in Yekaterinburg.

Scientists have predicted this, in that it is impossible to believe.

Do you believe that in 20 years in the human body will run mini-robots, a kind of "doctors", smaller than a blood cell? And the fact that almost any thing can be sent by e-mail and print on the other end of the network to the 3-D printer? Well, say, a blouse, or even a complex musical instrument?

And the fact that in

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Consciousness and the material is separated from the man

October 9, 2012 4:53

S. Sulakshina report at the seminar "The fundamental issues of complex social systems", held at the Center for Problem Analysis on "The modern concept of human consciousness."

Usually an idea of consciousness is to ensure that the mind — a property of highly organized matter reflect the world around us. Property to reflect. So meaning reflection, the reflection process. The process in general — this is a temporary configuration of a substance. But the essence of it, and there must be, to find ourselves. That something happens to her. But then, in the definition above is

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2012 apocalyptic prophecies are coming true

October 7, 2012 16:57

The apocalyptic prophecies g.sbyvayutsya 2012. Throughout the world, the Mayan prediction, text the King James Bible, it seems, is coming true with eerie accuracy. What can we, as a fateful date of December 21, 2012, of the predictions of the Mayan astronomers about the end of time is approaching?

Will we become victims of massive natural disasters caused damage to the environment, or do we do what we did the Maya and destroy ourselves?

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Mayan prediction: the world is moving to an end?

October 5, 2012 3:29

According to this prediction Maya, which appeared in the mid-70s, which willingly write media last for 2-3 years, soon the world will die from a planetary catastrophe, humanity will overtake the apocalypse, and left us to live only 80 days …

© Flickr.com/StormPetrel1/cc-by-nc

That's how this incredible story, as if from the pen of Orson Welles or HP Lovecraft, has become one of the most popular on the Internet, attracting "clientele", focused on the thrill. There was this crazy theory, of course, in the U.S. in 1975. In 2009 he published a disaster film "2012",

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It has become compressed and runs faster?

October 3, 2012 14:21

Perhaps, many have noticed that the last few years with the passage of time was something wrong. Days and months are flying rapidly, overtaking our capabilities, and we will be less time to make. One would think that day has just begun, and lo and behold, is already over!

Before we "enter" in the third millennium, as the twelve years already ran, and we did not notice. The previous explanation of this phenomenon, which, they say, the older a person becomes, the more flies his life, is irrelevant. Now the rapid flight of time to notice

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Altai. Responsible body of the Earth

October 2, 2012 21:23

Here is the "cutting edge" restructuring of the climate machine Planet

More and more of earthlings can understand — the world go global planetary change. They will affect everyone on the planet. On this subject, conducted workshops and conferences. One such scientific conferences on the topic "New state of nature and man" held Shebalinsky district administration of the municipality, and, despite the fact that since its implementation has enough time, it is more relevant than ever.

The report "On the organization of the new psychology of life in the renewed nature of Gorny Altai" was

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After 20 years, the Earth will inhabit the cyborgs — scientists

October 2, 2012 2:23

American futurologists have shown how in the next 20 years will look like the air, space and cyberspace.

As part of the research program Blue Horizons, which involves the preparation of a series of annual reports on the prediction of future technologies, the U.S. Air Force experts presented a video that clearly represents a tendency to blur the boundaries between humans and machines. This process goes faster and faster, until the difference between man and machine will not disappear altogether, giving rise to the cyborg — a new generation of people in the

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What is there in the astral world?

February 10, 2013 21:11

Our soul is a part of another world, where other, incomprehensible to us the laws of physics. Especially clear this person feels during clinical death, when fully merges with your spiritual self.

Clinical death and clairvoyance

it is believed that the ability to predict the future is in each person. But the vast majority of people it is hidden or dormant, state, and "awakened" only in extreme situations.

One of these extremes is a clinical death. In January 1970, the 68-year-old American writer Sandra Currie admitted to hospital with an acute heart

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