The truth of the Fifth Sun

September 20, 2012 16:34

As to whether the light of the ancient Mayan predictions.

Frightening phrase "doomsday" is haunted by many inhabitants of the planet. The closer to the end of the current 2012 — the more inflames hype: Why, after all, "day" X "is scheduled for December 21 or 22! To prevent the possibility of a global panic, some of our politicians today have even suggested to impose an official ban on the discussion of the topic in the media. Will it have them, are not yet known, but life tossed deputies counter-argument. Most recently from overseas arrived in

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They are watching us from the moon …

September 20, 2012 15:45

The rain did not stop for a minute from the moment we set up our tents. Climate change in the suburbs is not in sight — the low gray clouds overlaid the sky. However, to me it was just at hand. I closed the tent and gave dubious meditations. The reason that I'm with a group of contactees with the Universal Mind was abnormal in the suburban area, demanded not only understanding, but also the mental preparation — so incredible it seemed very anticipated event. Frankly, I was not sure that it will ever happen.

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The future of the Earth in the messages ancestral Hopi

September 6, 2012 22:28

Hopi Indians still live on reservations in the north-eastern part of Arizona (USA). Oraybi — the unofficial capital of the local Indians, and the number of the tribe, only about 6,000 people. The settlement appeared in this region at the beginning of the VIII century. But, as always, here there is a matriarchy.


The tribe is divided into 30 clans. At the head of each is the oldest woman that "in combination" serves as the shaman, communicating with the dead ancestors. Usually the woman by nature endowed with the gift of clairvoyance

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2012 — the end times?

September 4, 2012 23:07

End of the world is imminent. Scientists warn about it, this prophesy major world religions and the great predictors of the past. The question is — when will it happen?


The age of our Sun is not infinite. Sooner or later the fuel reserves will run out in the subsoil, and the nuclear furnace cooled. It is the natural and most favorable for us doomsday scenario. Because hydrogen storage — "Nuclear firewood" on our Sun — enough for at least another few billion years.

Where real danger posed by asteroids and "tail"

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Apocalypse as a transition to other opportunities

September 4, 2012 15:02

Approximation by December 2012 more on the minds of people. Despite the intense expectation of what can be line be drawn under the history of civilization, every alleged end of the world perceives differently.

According to the Mayan symbol of a new era of renewal and transformation. As for the Earth as a whole and for the individual who will take the opportunity to transform, or ignores ee.Mozhno believe or not that actually happens a great turning point, but it is impossible to ignore the facts of the ordinary. Few people dispute that the huge cycle

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Who actually owns the moon?

July 24, 2012 13:24

Lander Apollo-11 down on the moon July 21, 1969-year. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin wore suits and got out. And, of course, report on the radio all that saw there.

Base on the Moon. Photo:

In the line of sight is best to use very high frequency (VHF) with frequency modulation. (Actually, this is not called "FM", and FM. But, of course, for the talks are not on the range of FM, which employs all of our receivers.) Frequency modulation is much more resistant to interference than the amplitude ("AM" — ranges short,

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Prophecies of the Black Stars

July 5, 2012 9:46

There are many prophecies about the appearance of a terrible future of a celestial object in the sky of our planet and terrible disasters that will occur at this time. Most prophecies described allegorically or using Aesopian language. Cite only those predictions that openly talk about the emergence of Typhon, or the Dragon (neutron stars) near the planet.

The prophecies of the Bible Kolbrin. The Bible Kolbrin (Kolbrinskaya Bible Kolbrin Manuscript, Kolbrin Bible or Book Koila), which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate information

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Tornado and twenty mystical horsemen swept over the village

July 5, 2012 9:22

Unusual, mysterious incident occurred on June 27 in the village of Ust-Aldan Sottintsy ulus (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) — Ed.). During a thunderstorm, the terrain walked mini-tornadoes and locals saw them in silhouette jumping 20 riders with ancient weapons. The same thing happened the next day, but this time there were only three riders.

Sasha Pavlov, 8th grade student school number 2 in Yakutsk, a witness: — My friend and I, as usual, walked through the village. At first I did not notice the sky shrouded in thick, dark clouds. Strong wind got up and

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Astrologer foretold the future of Russia and Putin

June 26, 2012 12:44

Astrologer Michael Levin is known that in 2010 predicted by the stars that will begin in 2011, "the end of the Putin era" (incidentally, this forecast is the first published "Utro", but then no one would believe him.) Moreover, the beginning of the end was going to happen in December of 2011 — so it was.

And the other day, looking again at the stars, Michael Levin opened "Ytru 'chief political secret that the current president will remain in power until 2016. And it's not about the death of a heart attack and did not like

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Clairvoyant Nastya: the future of each depends on itself

July 1, 2012 10:07

Nastya and her husband.Photo: Jelena Rudi

Clairvoyant Nastya — winner of the Estonian Battle of psychics, and author of «Selgeltnagija Nastja» and «Nastja hea tervise kokaraamat» especially for told about the secrets and mysteries of his life and his abilities.

Nastya, about you so much written in Estonian-language media, and Russian in this country about you do not know much. Tell us a little about yourself. When find yourself the gift of clairvoyance?

As a child I was very serious and obedient because he felt and knew that my mother thinks and therefore

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