Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

June 6, 2012 18:07

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man. Most of the "readings" (numbers 3744-1, 3744-2, 3744-3, 3744-4, 3744-5) are at Phillips (the Phillips Hotel), Dayton, Ohio, 02/14/1924. If no further reading is not specifically named, then it belongs to one of these readings.

Edgar Cayce

Questions are marked with (B), Casey said — a symbol (O). (B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.

(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the

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India catching robots predictors of future

May 28, 2012 19:10


NEW DELHI, May 28. Itar-Tass. Fixated on their own horoscopes Indians increasingly become aware of the future of … robots predictors. They appear in more and more focus on innovation and technological progress of India, where domestic programmers and engineers in the electronics people gave social order — more robots "astrologers." They had almost managed to organize mass production in the south to the city of Bangalore, which is considered "e-capital" of the country. But upon closer inspection of the mechanical "prophet" may suffer disappointment. It turns out that they

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Prophecies of the coming of the Golden Age

May 14, 2012 21:54

Surprisingly, there are many prophecies from various sources that point to the particular situation of the times in which we live. Although predictions thing sometimes is not quite reliable, but it can easily be mistaken as "food for thought" …


We begin with the "popular" Prophet — Michel Nostradamus. In his influential book, "Decoded Nostradamus" Dmitry and Hope Winter, it seems, were able to correctly pick up the keys to encrypted chronology of his prophecies. And what is their main conclusion? After a series of wars and turmoil in the world should be followed

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Death — is just the beginning or NEezotericheskaya version 2012

May 11, 2012 1:34

2012 is the area of hypotheses, theories, beliefs, predictions, prophecies and myths. NONE of the usual three-dimensional people can not reliably tell what will happen to us in 2012! Aware of this, only 5% of the world population, which is currently already in the fifth dimension, that is, their physical body is reunited with the astral body.

Time is an illusion only the physical layer, so for those who are able to visit outside of time, is not difficult to tell us about the future. The idea of ascension is coming from such people, linking

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Nostradamus book of watercolors

May 10, 2012 12:18

The book depicts the predictions of the Apocalypse. All the predictions of Nostradamus are based on the movement of the stars. It all starts with the sun, under the sun is Leo: Sun in Leo and Aquarius is opposite the prediction of the Grand Parade of the Planets, which will trigger a series of accidents … Passage of the Earth through the galactic equator every 26,000 years.

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Day of cosmic history — Death Zodiac sign

May 8, 2012 20:36

People are looking for answers in the sky to earth issues, believing that the stars hide the secrets of their lives. History knows erroneous, and amazingly accurate astrological predictions. And they themselves astrologers say: everything is much more difficult for a man's life is affected not only the distant stars …

Nine Signs Hopi

May 8, 2012 7:17

In the summer of 1958, driving through the desert of Arizona (Southwest USA), Pastor David Jung took his car to the aging of the Hopi Indians. On the road, at first silent old man talk. Jung wrote his story, the literary process, and soon among American pastors began to walk on the mimeographed text propagated Indian gloomy prophecies. According to the pastor, the Indian told him about the upcoming trial of our civilization.

I — White Feather, Hopi Indian of a long line of Bear. In my long life I have traveled to this country in

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Dictionary of Russian mythical maidens

May 7, 2012 5:58


Aris FIELD — Being in Slavic mythology. The girl, a witch turned into a beast and regains human form three days a week to nourish your baby. Husband Aris field witch stole a magic item that allowed end these cycles of "lycanthropy."


WHITE SNAKE — The personification of the summer, white, ie illuminated by the sun, clouds, and so in the tradition is in close connection with another embodiment of the rain clouds — a white wife: and she and the other guard the living water, and white wives often take on the image

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January 31, 2013 21:37

From olden times people treated the dead with respect and mystical awe. In all religions and all nations in this respect there are clear canons and rituals. And despite all their differences, so far the worst offense is the desecration of graves. Do not touch the graves, not to disturb the ashes of the dead — the rule should be strictly adhered to by all! Otherwise …

"You are dead, but you'll live forever …" Ancient Wisdom. Many fans of the adventure genre with interest watched the acclaimed film by Stephen Sommers "Mummy"

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Acceleration of time — where were going

April 18, 2012 7:57

In 1970, American explorer Terrens McKenna developed a 'Time Wave Zero "after he learned the ancient Chinese system of predictions I-Tszyn. He has a mathematical algorithm that looks like a calendar. This calendar covers all historical changes to our civilization. When McKenna received a pattern and laid-Tszyna the historical time line, he made a shocking discovery — in December 2012 chart completely drops to zero and goes to infinity. It is unknown what will happen on this day, it is clear is that this will be the most significant moment in the history

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