Secrets of the 20th century: Tunguska mystery

December 19, 2011 5:57

Photo by: Dmitry Efanov. Photo taken:

June 30, 1908 in a remote Siberian taiga, near the Tunguska River, a huge explosion rocked, the nature of which is debated to this day. According to some reports, various light phenomena associated with the Tunguska mystery observed were observed at a distance of several thousand miles, and the blast wave reached eight hundred kilometers to the force was like an earthquake.

The most common versions of the nature of this mysterious phenomenon are hypotheses about the unusually large meteorite exploded, release huge amounts of gas, the collision

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Flight to the Moon by Jules Verne

December 20, 2011 17:38

Number of amazing prophecies Verne became public property in his unpublished essay "Paris in XX century", whose existence became known a few years ago. The manuscript was found by chance the great grandson of the writer, and this event has become a sensation.

Readers of the novel, composed in 1863, Verne takes the power of imagination in Paris in 1960 and details the things about the invention which in the first half of XIX century, no one guessed: the streets are moving cars (although they have Verne do not operate on gasoline and hydrogen —

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Immigrants from Atlantis

December 19, 2011 11:58

Casey was convinced that the key to unlocking the Atlantis to be found in the Egyptian pyramids. According to his theory of Atlantis copies of documents evidencing its history and civilization, the Atlanteans were moved to "Hall of Chronicles." Was the name of a small pyramid, located between the Sphinx's right paw and the River Nile.

Edgar Cayce believed that this pyramid are the body of immigrants from Atlantis. He predicted, and the date when it is detected Hall chronicles — about 2000. It will find a variety of ornaments, tables, printing, tools and other

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The secret of meditation in motion

December 15, 2011 2:50

Meditation provides a new experience of self-knowledge and unprecedented physical and mental abilities

Meditation — A form of psychic work, when a person focuses on one single thought, a problem with the facility to dive themselves into a state of light hypnosis or trance. It is believed that it gives a new experience of self-knowledge and unprecedented physical and mental capabilities. A typical example is the many hours of stay in the yoga lotus position. However, meditation involves not only focusing on the tip of the nose or the vigil still under the fig

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Nibiru — flies or fly?

December 12, 2011 22:11

Astronomers named the date of the end of the world

Despite official assurances astronomy that end of the world with the cosmic point of view of humanity is not threatened, some experts argue the opposite. A number of studies shows that the February 14, 2013 will vseplanetarny cataclysm, because of which the world's magnetic poles will shift, there will be the most powerful earthquake and tsunami.

Day of February 14, 2013 may be the final day of all humanity, the pessimists believe the science. On this day in the vicinity of the Earth would be

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Bestsellers dictates spirit

December 11, 2011 20:01

Kryzhanovskaya faith, one of the most popular Russian writers abroad XIX-XX centuries, was a medium and, by his own admission, the novel co-authored with … spirit. Scientists agreed that she had to know such details of the lives of ancient civilizations could not …

Debut of a young visionary

Vera came from an old family. Her father, Major-General, commanded a brigade in Warsaw, where she was born in 1857. She grew painful, a lot of reading, a passion for the occult and historical literature. After her father died and her mother Vera moved to St.

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Puzzle people-salamanders

December 5, 2011 17:14

Mythological Encyclopedia gives the following description of a being who is not afraid of fire, "Salamanders in medieval superstitions and magic — spirits, guardians of fire and its personification. Live in any open flames. Often appear as small lizards. Quite often, the salamander can be found on the side of a volcano during an eruption. She also appears in the flame fire, if she so wished. "

But do not burn in the flames of creation exist not only in mythological folklore. Sometimes people are completely insensitive to the fire or boiling water, also called

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Media: Boris Moiseev described the journey to the next world

December 5, 2011 12:14

The fact that Moses saw in that light, what was the content of the note on the body of the dead soldier, what Viktor Baturin accused and the new tactics of "black realtors" — fresh in the traditional review of the Russian press on "Ytre." Popular artist Boris Moiseev first told reporters that he saw in the night was on the verge of death, according to "your day." A year has passed after Moses had a stroke. Artist "actually seen" death. "Before, I was afraid, now — no. It is too shameful and lonely "- added

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Invisible, feeds on fear

December 5, 2011 1:19

Ghosts live next to people throughout human history. They can be visible, audible, tangible, you can speak in their presence there poltergeystnye phenomenon. Sometimes ghosts so plausible that they can not be distinguished from a living person. But where did they come from? What are they?

The most common explanation given the nature of ghosts occultists. When a person dies, they say, his soul encased in the astral shell of a thin, invisible to us matter, leaving the mortal remains. For a while, the soul is still in this world, being among people. Then

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End of the world will result in a new beginning. Changes will still

December 3, 2011 19:08

Humanity is counting the days until the terrible date — December 21, 2012 Mr.., — The scheduled apocalypse, according to the Mayan calendar. However, the German researcher Sven Gronemeyer said that you can relax: we are not interpreted thoughts of the ancient people. In fact, the Indians had in mind a completely different event and certainly not doomsday.

Sven Gronemeyer, an expert in hieroglyphics, works at the University of La Trobe University in Australia. He has long studied the inscriptions in the temple, which is located in the ancient town of Tortuguero. Recall prophecy says that

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