In 2045 humanity will reach the point. Singularity

November 29, 2011 5:35

Futurist Ray Kurzweil. Photo: From the site

In New York completed the "Singularity Summit", which were the leading Western futurologists. First among the speakers were scientists from Russia

We want changes

The summit focused on the singularity. We will understand — it is. Recently, more and more futurologists predict: that in the very near future, humanity is waiting for such an incredible breakthrough in the development of civilization, which will change our lives beyond recognition. Even the promise of a new offensive "posthuman" era. That will bring a new era — even the

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What area of the brain is responsible for the prediction

January 14, 2013 22:09

Scientists were able to identify a region of the brain, to predict events that have to happen in the near future, according to ITRC "Peace." However, neither of which this is not fiction, but only on assumptions, which are based on experience gained in advance.

It turns out that we get a prediction of your own brain in multiple times a day. We can guess who's calling on the phone when it's long-awaited bus, if we can succeed in this or that place, and so on. However, most people simply do not pay

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Frequency — courtesy of comets

November 27, 2011 4:42

Not too many objects in the sky visible to the naked eye. But one of the most famous comet that bears the name of the Englishman Edmund Halley, can be observed without any additional equipment. Halley's comet belongs to the short-period comets — she returns to the Sun once every 76 years. She last appeared in the March-April 1986, when she flew to the Earth at a distance of about 63 million km (it was recorded April 10, other days the distance was even more).

Following visits tailed pilgrims, according to calculations of

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If the future is determined, whether the information about it to change it?

November 17, 2011 14:30

This short post attempt to put some interesting questions. An attempt to answer them would take much more volume. Q: If the future is determined, whether the information about it to change it? On one side of the face logical contradiction. Predestination implies permanence. But if a correction — in the absence of predetermined observer, because he appears, in a moment of the future becomes the past, everything falls into place. If information about the event is, but there is no action, nothing changes. The system remains in balance. If the steps are made, depending on

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The secret of meditation in motion

November 14, 2011 9:07

Meditation — a form of psychic work, when a person focuses on one single thought, the problem, the object in order to dive themselves into a state of light hypnosis or trance. It is believed that it gives a new experience of self-knowledge and unprecedented physical and mental capabilities. A typical example is the many hours of stay in the yoga lotus position. However, meditation involves not only focusing on the tip of the nose or the vigil still under the fig tree, as it did in ancient times, Buddha himself, but also various kinds

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Modern detective — a hybrid cyborg and Holmes

November 13, 2011 23:30

Modern technology now allows forensic scientists to calculate the probability of the time and place of the crime. Through the use of high-tech technology and the fundamentals of mathematical analysis in the U.S. city of Memphis, the number of crimes began to decline sharply. In the future, we are waiting for the laser scanning, radio frequency identification and implanted chips.

If science is able to predict earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as any other natural disaster, why not use the gadgets to prevent crime. With this statement in principle agrees Professor Eugene Spodarev (Evgeny Spodarev) from

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11/11/11 — phenomenon Numerology

November 10, 2011 20:06

In the Middle Ages, numerologists — people are seeking mystical meanings of numbers — believed all numbers had both positive and negative aspects except numbers 11. According to the scientist of the 16th century, Petrus Bungusa (Petrus Bungus), number 11 "has nothing to do with god and mystical experiences." Get lost between the divine numbers 10 and 12, 11 is an evil that exists, symbolizing the wicked.

Thus, according to the predictions of many experts, November 11, 2011, the date when the first three digits of the 11 century in this line up, do not bode

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Whats in store for us the magic Friday 11/11/11?

November 10, 2011 17:47

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to observe rare, occurring about once in a hundred years — the clock will show 11 hours and 11 minutes 11 seconds of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year. The expectations of people from such a beautiful calendar date different — someone planned wedding, and someone again waiting for the end of the world and unprecedented invasion of monsters.

Russian media, as well as foreign, are actively discussing tomorrow's magic moment, recall and occult numerology predictions turn to astrologers and magicians, that to

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Events predicted in 2012 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead

November 10, 2011 16:49

In this article, we describe the studies in which researchers compared the events on Earth, as predicted by the Egyptians for the year 9792 BC to those that had been predicted for 2012. In both cases, the version put forward that there is a change of the pole. Perhaps here lies the reason why there was the Flood 10-11 thousand years ago.

Versions of scientists about the possibility of such predictions for the events of 2012 by the ancient Egyptians divided. But you can not deny the fact that this particular civilization has achieved

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Hell Ranch — the gateway to other worlds

November 5, 2011 11:50

Onlookers to "Hell Ranch" meets unequivocal sign on the gate: «Keep out» — «Do not enter, stay away."

A rich American with the help of scientists struggles with deciphering the strangest places on earth.

Hotel tycoon Robert Bigelow has long been known as a fan of space exploration. Several years ago, he announced the award of $ 50 million to be received by the person or company who will be able to build a five-passenger ship, able to ply regularly between the Earth and the Moon. Another bizarre project moneybags — hotel in orbit.

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