In the north of Sudan, archaeologists have found many of the pyramids

February 8, 2013 2:46

Evidence of the close relationship of the ancient cultures? the great Egyptian and Meroitic kingdom? discovered in northern Sudan. In dry Nubian Desert, archaeologists have unearthed 35 pyramids, built around two thousand years ago.

Since 2009, the experts of the French branch of the Sudan Antiquities (French Section of the Directorate on Antiquities of Sudan) are studying an unusual necropolis of ancient African civilization Cush, Egypt's southern neighbor.

On the history of the country or the Meroitic kingdom of Kush know less than the homeland of the great pyramids, but historians do not

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Secrets of the world. Dragons race

August 17, 2012 9:32

Classified material nature. Bloody rain

August 5, 2012 14:40

A reporter tells the story of one bridge in Scotland, which for 60 years jumped and broke a lot of dogs. In India, the red rain falls. The death of manatees.

Country: United States, National Geographic Directed by Kate Harding

These mysterious Dogon

November 24, 2011 12:08

Dogon — African tribe from Mali — claim they envoys Sirius. For the first time on the Dogon 80 years ago, wrote a French ethnographer Marcel Griaule. All his findings on mpervy opinion comply with the conventional view of anthropologists. But when photos of the cave into the hands of the Dogon astronomers, it was a sensation.

It appeared in the mythology of the Dogon Sirius — it is a double star. It turns out that a primitive tribe know about binary star since ancient times, and the astronomers were able to

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Mysteries of the Universe. Black shadows Zemli.03.10.12.

October 3, 2012 14:37

Parallel World — issues 31-35

June 30, 2012 2:20

Parallel World — Issue 31 (06/04/2012)

Spontaneous combustion. How to extinguish the fire, devouring people from the inside? The more knives in the kitchen — so hot love in the bedroom! How to change the writing to be successful?

Parallel World — Issue 32 (06/05/2012)

Angels and Demons — myth or two parts of our self? Why are boys so girls like to pull the pigtails? Remember everything: how to extract the information from the corners of the subconscious?

Parallel World — Issue 33 (06/06/2012)

How to

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The monkey has taken under his wing nailed to the zoo kitten

November 12, 2012 20:44

In Israel, caring monkey has taken under his wing nailed to the zoo animal, whom she cares, as if for her cub.

New mom takes care of his ward, but constantly stealing his food (Photo:

Unusual friendship ensued between the female baboon and a tiny stray kitten who accidentally got into an enclosure to the primates in petting zoo in Israel.

According to members of the staff, no one knows where appeared in cats, who refuses to leave his new home and a new parent.

Foster mother ape in turn never for a

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Secrets of the world — Contract with the Devil (06/14/2012)

June 14, 2012 15:26

Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman — Agreement with the devil. Film investigating the occult hobbies leading politicians and the richest people in the world.

Humanoid taught synchronized movement

May 27, 2012 21:46

In recent years, a variety of companies and laboratories have developed an impressive number of humanoid robots that walk and run. Some of them even dance in groups of up to 20, performing complex dance numbers.

This synchronization — no easy task. One way to do this — to provide a robot as a leader, which will transmit the information moves across the network. As a result, the others can catch them and repeat after him.

But the problem is that the network dynamics are not as predictable as one would like to choreographers. For example,

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On the ground forces

November 3, 2012 22:06

In lesson dismantled following topics. 1) What is the place of power? 2) Why is it sometimes in place of power "ivy" and "sausage"? 3) What are places of power? 4) What if the place of power does not start?


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