The network has a secret video of the UFO crash. Video

March 9, 2012 22:31

Perm region of Russia. From 1962 to the present, researchers are recorded at least two hundred sightings of unidentified aircraft, as well as dozens of episodes, when witnesses saw the landing of unknown creatures. Strange objects, strange glow in the night sky, disappearing into nowhere fireballs — all this local people almost got used.

But September 16, 1989 over the Perm recorded unprecedented: Dozens of people watched the river Kama in the port area Zaostrovki real dogfight between UFOs! "Mysterious Russia" managed to find witnesses of this incredible event …

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Where are we still going?

March 4, 2012 22:36

For those who read this book to learn how to achieve their goals, and spiritual growth does not interest him at all, may not particularly delve into some of the features of the spiritual formation.

Just the human mind is not yet ripe for a proper understanding of, and, as they say, all the time. Well, for those who wish to develop harmoniously, this information will help you better understand yourself.

We are all walking along the path of development, need to get to the same place. Thousands of ways, but they all lead to

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14 Commandments of Buddha

February 24, 2012 14:46

Let them be happy all the beings in all the worlds!

1. The biggest enemy of human life — is himself. 2. The biggest folly of human life — it is a lie. 3. The greatest loss in life — is arrogance. 4. The greatest sorrow in life — it's envy. 5. The biggest mistake in life — to lose himself. 6. The biggest fault in human life — ingratitude. 7. The most unfortunate in life — impairing their dignity. 8. The most admirable of human life — to rise after falling. 9. The greatest loss

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Mysterious signs found in the mountains of China

February 17, 2012 18:41

In China, in caves, located high in the mountains were found strange signs, shaped like discs, made of granite with a hole in the middle. They, like the track, affixed to which many scientists have tried to decipher the world for twenty years. But, after much effort, Professor Tsum Umnuy able to read the inscription, which shocked scientists the whole Academy of Beijing. It spoke of aircraft, 12,000 years ago. People were afraid of their people, ham and sat in the shelter, and then deciding that the aliens (drop) came with good intentions, and went

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Triangular UFO. North Shields. UK. 2012

February 11, 2012 12:16

Guests from the world of the conjugate

Brain understands metaphors literally

February 6, 2012 16:58

To deal with the metaphorical expression, our brains seek additional information directly to those feelings, on which the metaphor.

Brain activity when reading Braille by touch (photo Wellcome Dept. Of Cognitive Neurology). As we understand metaphorical statements? When we hear someone say that he was a "bad day", we know that the adjective "heavy" is used in a figurative sense, "bad day" does not necessarily mean that the speaker all day lugging gravity. (In this example, we are dealing with an epithet, but resort to the term "metaphor", summing up the trail as such.) However,

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Agents in white coats

January 25, 2013 20:51

Goodbye to the ghost house

January 30, 2012 18:49

Housebreaker were pretty scared to find the photos of abandoned and destined for demolition guest house, a ghostly figure

Housebreaker were pretty scared to find the photos of abandoned and destined for demolition guest house, a ghostly figure standing at the window. Victorian house located in Kendal (Cumbria, UK), 26 th January 2012 the newspaper The Telegraph.

As they say, the picture is causing tremors similar to Frances Grimshaw, who worked at the guest house and used to spend hours standing at the window, taking orders.

59-year-old David Grimshaw believes that this figure is

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Companies that killed technical progress

January 23, 2012 13:30

Kodak and other companies that were not able to make out time to new technologies

Pioneer photo industry company Eastman Kodak Co. filed for bankruptcy. Over the past year, Kodak shares depreciated by 90%, the company is mired in debt, closes dozens of laboratories and conducts thousands of cuts. After passage of bankruptcy Kodak expects to seriously restructure its business.

Kodak made a fortune in the manufacture and sale of photographic equipment widely available to her photographs — film, paper, etc. The history of Kodak had several peak moments when he became a pioneer of

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