UFOs, mysterious lights in the sky, Russia, December 23, 18:14

December 24, 2011 3:38

Beware! Nenormotivnaya vocabulary!

Wonders of Russia. Tobolsk Kremlin

February 14, 2013 19:37

On the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin are unique examples of Siberian art from different times. In the 80 g XVII century there erected a stone-Sophia Cathedral of the Assumption, in the XVIII century were built the walls and towers of the Kremlin. In 1712, rebuilt stone tower DMITRIEVSKY gate. From XIX century inherited the castle at hard-transit prison. Here sat FM Dostoevsky and NG Chernyshevsky.

The collapse of Europe, registered in the symbols of the matrix Concordia

February 3, 2012 9:19

"All the [European] continent will be unrecognizable. In a year. At the end of 2012 we will live in a different Europe. It will not be like Europe in the past 20 years. I do not know what it will be like, but […] Europe is a severe crisis of the last of his 60 years. I think the euro zone in such a way there will be no more. "

Alexander Rahr, director of the Berthold Beitza behalf of the German Council on Foreign Relations, a political scientist (December 2011)

Ship "Costa Concordia". Surprise

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Hronomirazhi or loop time

January 7, 2012 18:39

In our hectic era of consciousness, time and space is returned to us a picture of horrors happened once. Not only individual ghosts, but large-scale military battle people periodically watch beside him, calling the mysterious "film" hronomirazhom or loop time. All the King's Men The first battle of the Civil War in England was held October 23, 1642 near the town of Edghill. The dispute over the power lead the Cavaliers (supporters of the monarchy), commanded by Prince Rupert, and the forces of Oliver Cromwell (supporters of Parliament). The battle was fierce, and left lying on

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Under hypnosis — in the future!

December 31, 2011 9:02

The phenomenon of so-called hypnotic regression has long been known, the doctor enters the patient into a hypnotic state, "return" it to the moment of the event, which is necessary to obtain a detailed representation (for example, at the time of the abduction by aliens), and then trying to recover the lost memories of the man. Hypnotic regression is widely used in the U.S., where with the help of help to return the memory to survivors of physical or mental injury. However, in some cases, the patient entered into a hypnotic state, begins not remember his

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Other world get in touch

December 11, 2011 13:58

Increasingly, died trying to reach with our world through radio, tape recorders and computers, and even appear on TV screens

The main source of strange occurrences below the book is French scientist Camille Flammarion "Mystery of Death," in which he tried to summarize thousands of messages sent to him from all over the globe.

Flammarion, analyzing the cases of the appearance of phantoms from the world, says: "All these examples show us that the dead come back from the dead in order to settle some personal matters, to demand the return of its

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Ancient artifacts on the moon. Mysteries of the Moon

November 5, 2011 13:03

Robot head. In the crater. On the moon. Photo: news.onru.ru

It's about extraterrestrial structures on the Moon, as well as traces of intelligent beings on our nearest cosmic body. Washington. March 21, 1996 National Press Club. "… NASA scientists and engineers involved in the implementation of programs to study the moon and Mars, reported the results of processing the information. First announced the existence of artificial structures on the moon, and man-made objects. "

At the briefing, and mentioned the fact that the Soviet Union had once also part of the photographs on

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Tolbachik Volcano on Kamchatka threw ash to a height of 4 km

Kamchatka volcano Flat Tolbachik Monday morning threw ash to a height of about four miles, experts conduct a survey the surrounding area, according to EMERCOM Russia's Kamchatka region.

Flat Tolbachik began erupting Nov. 27, 2012. In the area of the southern slope formed two fractured breakthrough with Lava — a stream of top-break was more than six kilometers from the bottom — 18 kilometers. Periodically over the volcano ash column rises.

"On Monday, at 11.35 on Kamchatka time (04.35 MSK) on Flat Tolbachik volcano spewed ash. Height of the eruption was about four kilometers above sea level, the length of

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In Indonesia, a new type of bird flu

Scientists in Indonesia have discovered a new species of bird flu, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks in the country, said on Wednesday the Singapore newspaper Strats Times.

"We found a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 — put 2.3 (a group of organisms, united by the presence of a common ancestor.) It is very different from the open earlier form of avian flu — clade 2.1" — said the head of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Agriculture of Indonesia Shukur Ivantoro (Syukur Iwantoro).

According to the latest WHO data, since

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Earthquake of magnitude 3.4 occurred in Buryatia

At the epicenter of an earthquake measuring 5.3 points occurred on Wednesday at 18.00 (13.00 MSK) in the Oka region of the republic, told RIA Novosti on duty EMERCOM Russia's Buryatia.

"The intensity of the epicenter, which was located at 112 kilometers southeast of the village Orlik, of 5.3 points, the magnitude was 3.4, in settlements tremors were not felt," — said the duty officer.

According to him, the epicenter was located in the mountainous deserted area near the border with Mongolia, victims and destructions.

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