Discovered a dangerous virus that can be transmitted from monkey to man

Scientists have identified a new virus that caused the outbreak of a deadly pneumonia among monkeys at the California Primate Research Center, and found that it can be transmitted to humans and further between people, according to an article published in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

In May 2009, the California National Primate Research Center (California National Primate Research Center — CNPRC) outbreak galloping pneumonia, accompanied by hepatitis in South American monkeys — red jumpers (Callicebus cupreus). In 23 of the 65 monkeys developed pneumonia and hepatitis, and 19 of them, despite treatment, died or were euthanized. One of the center's

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In the Donetsk region land was covered with ice

Giant hailstones beat harvest. Yesterday elements arranged in an ice bombed Maryinskiy area. Here, hail the size of a five-kopeck coin. Ground was covered with a layer of ice balls, the thickness of which reached 3-5 cm

Victims among the people there, but severely damaged farmland. Giant hailstones almost completely destroyed the crops of maize, sunflower and wheat on an area 459 hectares.

"At the scene, authorities visited the area and operations group Starobeshevskiy PO EMERCOM. The exact amount of loss is calculated "- told us UMCHS area.

Nikita Ivanchenko.

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In the main river Penza got about 300 kg of oil

Rosprirodnadzor the Penza region beginning inquiry into pollution Sura. The river fell about 300 kg of oil. Rescuers have already cleared most of the contaminated water surface.

"Indeed, there was a fact. Unknown person — and how it happened, it is not clear — Reset the oil product. All this was in the river Kashaevke. Part of the output occurred in Sura, and they are even now there are spots there. However, until the result is no, "- said the head of department of supervision over water and land resources Gennady skins.

TV "Penza"

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Tornado in Khabarovsk


Khabarovsk In the skies over the Khabarovsk meteorological formations formed in the form of "American" tornado

In Agapovka area fight locusts

Of the 50 million rubles allocated by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich against harmful insects, 18 million received Agapovka area.

Locust has become a real threat to crop losses in farms. To regional farmers money bought chemicals. In the fields of economy, "Profit" malicious grasshopper already used up.

All forces dropped to boundary treatment fields. As far as possible processed. Then more information came again, the work began. This is what we have saved our crops, "- says the agronomist SK" Profit "Victor Lukyanov.

To fight locusts in the household spent about 300 thousand rubles.

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Death of fish in the pond Mytishchi

29.07.11.V Mytishchi wanted those who poisoned the pond Central City Park. Near the pond — a strong chemical smell that with wind gusts up to the nearest houses. Added to it and the smell of rotting fish.

Three days ago the same killing a few ducks. Those that survived, look clearly unhealthy. Float on the water surface dead perch. According to residents of neighboring houses, cause ecological disaster — an unknown chemical that someone secretly poured into water.

The pond is now underway to strengthen the banks, but it was unlikely to cause pollution. In all of

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The plant in the Leningrad region phosphorus pollutes the Baltic Sea

In Russia, found a previously unknown source of harmful emissions, which, apparently, for several years polluting the Baltic Sea.

According to Yle referring to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, of being in the Gulf of Finland (Kingisepp) plant in the river meadows of the effluent phosphorus. Then they fall into the sea.

Finnish Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö confirmed the information about the discovery of a new source of emissions.

A new source of emission was found in the course of the Finnish-Russian research project. Finnish researchers have shared with our Russian colleagues know-how, in particular, the monitoring of water

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Service between Sakhalin and the mainland to stop because of the cyclone

For ferries Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) — Kholmsk (Sakhalin Island) on Friday night will be suspended due to the approach of a cyclone, told RIA Novosti Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO).

"Ferry will be suspended on Friday evening, after the ferry" Sakhalin-10 "will arrive at the port of Busan. Remaining ferry shipping company is on the side of the continent," — said the source.

He noted that the ferry will be restored after weather conditions improved.

According to forecasters, on Saturday night in the south of Sakhalin will snowstorm. Saturday afternoon and on Sunday night in the southern part of Sakhalin,

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STRC Tomsk: Hurricane in Tomsk region

30.05.11.Zhiteli Kolpashevsky area this weekend experienced a hurricane. The village Chazhemto Sunday dropped large hail, which literally an hour creates a dense cover on the ground.

These photos are sent by a local resident on the mobile phone. The value of the castle, according to our correspondent in mobile diameter of 1 centimeter. Hail accompanied by heavy rain, resulting in rain water rose an inch above the soil. Hurricane destroyed all the crops that the locals have already done. Grad not melted yet. On the eve of storm warnings for the area was

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Chile volcano eruption ridge

In southern Chile began erupting volcanic ridge. Authorities to evacuate more than three hundred thousand inhabitants of nearby communities.

Huge plumes of smoke rising over the tops of ridges Puyeue Cordón, near the border with Argentina. Thick clouds of ash have reached Argentina.

A strong smell of smoke and sulfur, according to witnesses, there is a considerable distance.

Chilean authorities raised the alert level in the vicinity of the ridge to the maximum — the "red."

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