In Chile, killing mussels

Mussel producers in the Los Lagos faced with a serious problem, given the sharp decline in the number of young mussels.

Currently, representatives of the industry find it difficult to name the reason for such a sharp decline.

President of the Association of Chilean clams Calbuco Walter Kaiser says that this year the number of young mussels drastically reduced compared to previous seasons.

President of the Association of mussels Armando Salinas also said that "there is a significant reduction in the number of young mussels, especially in mountain areas (and Relonkav Hualahyu)."

Mr. Kaiser explained that this situation leads to

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Fog after Voronezh paralyzed the airport in Lipetsk

Lipetsk airport departure and arrival delays flights due to heavy fog, at the moment the visibility is only 150 meters away, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the airport manager.

"At seven in the morning was to fly a flight of" flight "in" Domodedovo ", eight — Vnukovo UTair company," — said the source.

However, due to heavy fog and receiving aircraft flight impossible. UTair flight delayed up to 15 hours of flights to Domodedovo to 13.30, but, according to the source, most likely departure of this flight again postponed. Also delayed arrival flight 787 from Moscow airport "Domodedovo". At the

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Tuapse subsided under the roadway

In Tuapse region in the area of the road Bzhid-Blue Bay drawdown occurred roadway length of 70 meters and a depth of 3 m It was the last day before because of heavy rainfall, Itar-Tass news service EMERCOM in Krasnodar.

To the scene left the task force Tuapse fire garrison. Conducted prorubka trees on the left side of the road for vehicles. Engaged in the liquidation of consequences of the 67 rescuers and road workers, 18 units.

Road Bzhid-Blue bay covered with asphalt, double track. It is 1.5-2 km from the federal highway M-4 "Don".

"Sustenance of the population living

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The number of walruses in the Barents Sea is 2.2 thousand individuals

Scientists have for the first time to estimate the number of Atlantic walruses in the southeastern part of the Barents Sea, where a number of companies planning to start production of oil and gas at 2.2 thousand individuals, non-governmental organization said Marine Mammal Council.

"Today, thanks to research, it was possible to estimate the number of walruses in the south-eastern part of the Barents Sea by 2.2 thousand. 2012 was a landmark for research walrus found in the Barents Sea," — said in a statement.

As noted by the Board, until recently the knowledge of these animals have been blank

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The cyclone in Estonia were without power 64 thousand homes

Wind storm in Estonia to leave Monday evening without power 64,000 homes across the country, RIA Novosti reported.

Due to severe weather interrupted ferry service between the islands of Estonia, canceled several domestic flights and flights to Finland and Sweden. There have been numerous fallen on the roadway, or on the power line trees.

According to the Institute of Hydrometeorology of Estonia, wind gusts Monday 25-30 meters per second.

In the world of video

If you have videos with memorable films, such as family reunions, graduation parties or wedding record, experts advise that to protect them and promote the "extension" of their lives. , First to include video out of the running appliance (computer, fridge), all sources of heat (radiators, heaters, etc.). No need to put the video close to the places of sunlight and magnets. Should from time to time to rewind the cassette, as it slows the degaussing tape and prevents it from caking.

However, these measures are already obsolete. New videos are not available, and the old copy, and write them

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Mystery of global warming science … lying?

What does not scare the world — from the end of the world predicted by the Maya to the terrible effects of global warming … It is interesting that the latter seemed, until recently, the most real of all the possible threats to the planet such a plan. The more that the abnormal natural phenomena, the carousing on Earth with unprecedented scale, seems to be confirmed by the notorious theory of global warming. But hackers have intervened in the case, and … the world was at an impasse on the issue.

According to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", in November 2009, cracks penetrated

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On the Australian golf resort settled man-eater. VIDEO

On the Australian golf kurorote Carbrook Golf Club settled in Brisbane sharks, and the owner has no intention to dismiss. Now this — sight, making the club the only golf course with such serious obstacles for the players, points Sky News.

After one of the sharks were flooding into the lake at the 14th hole — and now lives there about half a dozen sharks bulls. Fish of this species are slow, unpretentious food, but are known for their aggressiveness. It is often the shark bulls appear in reports of attacks on human fish — especially common

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New landslide in Armenia

In Tuesday night on the road leading from the city of Vanadzor in Bagra village, on the Georgian-Armenian border again collapsed.

To arrive at the scene for more rescue teams in place mobilized heavy equipment.

As a result of the landslide on Sunday under the rubble were about 35-vehicles, including trucks.

Injured about 10 people.

They were taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity. Missing still listed five people, including — two citizens of Georgia.

Another two people — a father and son, and Gelu Nukri Surmanidze — was found.

They have returned to their homeland.

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Cyclamen and snowdrops bloom in Sochi ahead of schedule

Voronov cyclamen and snowdrops bloom in Sochi, about seven to ten days earlier than usual, due to the warm weather there are also instances of other early flowering plants, told RIA Novosti Senior Inspector of the Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve Julia Erofeev.

"On the trail in Yew and boxwood grove for 600 meters you can find about 100 cyclamen flowers — I think this is enough. Blossomed as snowdrop Voronov," — said the agency interlocutor, adding that the usual term for these flowering plants — the end of January — beginning of February.

The city can also be found blooming

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