Chelsea FC and Sauber racing team signed a sponsorship deal

Chelsea and Sauber now partneryNe press recently became aware of what is known in England, the football club "Chelsea", will work with the least popular in the "Formula 1" team Sauber. This sponsorship deal between the British and the Swiss will be the first in the world of co-operation between the football club and the representative of the "Formula 1". Under the contract, the team should be selling souvenirs of his partner. As you know, the London club logo will be placed on the car of Sauber, at the time, as "Stamford Bridge" home arena "Chelsea" will be given a

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Finnish Razgulyaev flu in Ukraine (video)

In early March, the incidence of respiratory infections in Kiev epidemporog exceeded. The strain of the season — "A/H3N2" — it has been dubbed the "Finnish" flu.

As reported, Ukrainian epidemiologists claim that with this modification of the virus are facing the third straight year. From other influenza viruses it is not very different.

Earthquake 5.8 magnitude in Mexico

A powerful earthquake in the southern and central regions of Mexico. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.8 on the Richter scale. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

Quake epicenter was located 12 kilometers from the city of San Pedro Amusgos in Oaxaca, 300 km southeast of Mexico City. The earthquake was recorded at a depth of 10 km. Local residents felt tremors and vacillation of some buildings.

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Dengue epidemic in Ecuador: 9648 cases

During 22 weeks of 2012 has already registered 9,648 cases of dengue fever in the small South American country, said yesterday the Ministry of Health.

This number increased after the last eight days has been confirmed diagnosis still have 631 new patients Ecuadorian hospitals. In its report last week, the press service of the Ministry reported 9,017 cases in 24 provinces of the country.

Until yesterday, the most affected by dengue fever remained Manabi province, with 2701 patients the classic form of the disease and 52 hemorrhagic sick (severe) form.

Followed by the province of Guayas (2290 cases of classical

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Tiger smuggling in Primorye has grown along with the number of orphaned cubs

Environmentalists Primorye noted the substantial growth in contraband detection skins and derivatives Red Siberian tigers in the past 12 months, among the main reasons for selecting a possible increase of poaching activity, and strengthening of law enforcement in this area.

Store them for future use

Environmentalists say that the cause of increase in the number of orphaned cubs, are different, but all agree that the amount of excavated smuggling recently increased substantially.

"This year, there was a surge in sightings of tiger skins … For 14 years I worked in special inspection" Tiger "in 1995, was removed only 8-10 skins,

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Heavy snow fell on New York City

Heavy snow collapsed on Saturday in the north-eastern United States, causing serious disruptions in transport links and leaving many people without electricity. Most strongly felt in turmoil the states of New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In northern New York, precipitation began in the morning.

Local television and radio stations reported numerous accidents on highways, some of them lined up many kilometers of traffic jams. The situation is aggravated by the fact that as a result of falling trees disrupted power supply in some areas, many traffic lights do not work.

According to local media, in New York, thousands remain without

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Passengers of a Moscow flight will arrive in Tomsk on buses

Passenger aircraft "Aeroflot" from Moscow, who was unable to sit in Tomsk because of snowfall and went to the alternate in Novosibirsk, Tomsk to send in buses; aircraft S7 and "Transaero" flights to Tomsk, shrunken in Novosibirsk, ready to fly , told RIA Novosti help Tomsk airport.

Arrival flights airline "Transaero", S7 and "Aeroflot" from Moscow to Tomsk was delayed because of snow. The planes were sent to the alternate Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk). Delay arrival was four to six hours.

"Buses will take passengers only" Aeroflot ". Aircraft S7 and" Transaero "not arrive in Tomsk at 11.50 (8.50 MSK), as previously

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Two tornadoes swept over New York

Two tornado funnel takes in the outskirts of large American cities, damaging power lines and trees scattered around the debris by blowing sand, water, benches, beach gear and rubbish. New Yorkers are still in shock, as they are not used to the weather surprises of this nature.

Fortunately, among the people who have witnessed one, and after 10 minutes of another, more powerful tornado victims. First walked through the funnel of the peninsula Rokeuey called Breezy Point in Queens. According to witnesses, the sound of approaching tornado whistle and roar like a moving train. The second episode has affected

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Explorers in February finished collecting barrels lost in Antarctica

Russian polar explorers at Novolazarevskaya in Antarctica in mid-February to complete the collection of fuels that are lost in May of last year because of a splinter of ice shelf, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI).

Due to difficult ice conditions in the past, the vessel "Akademik Fedorov" could not get through to the base of the barrier Novolazarevskaya, which was necessary to unload fuel, equipment and products to ensure polar winter. (Barrier base located at a distance of about 85-90 kilometers from the station.)

Russian polar explorers used by Indian counterparts, as

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In the Yaroslavl region are operating rabid fox

Today in the Yaroslavl region recorded twenty-two localities were found in foxes, sick with rabies. Have even been attempts to attack them on the people! The situation is very tense, given that last year at this time there are no known single infected animal. The main carrier of rabies virus — red fox.

— It is a night can go from Rostov to Gavrilov-Yam, especially patients — told City TV Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor gosvetnadzora Yaroslavl region Inna Chikurova. — It does not feel tired, her wild desire of all bite.

Interestingly, the fox itself most often die not from

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