In Orenburg locusts threatens crops

In the Orenburg region in 2011, the greatest danger of crops is locusts. According to the autumn survey processing is planned for an area of 60 hectares in 27 districts of the region, as well as in the cities of Orenburg, Orsk and Novotroitsk. On REGNUM correspondent reported July 11 in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry of the Orenburg region. From the regional budget for the purchase of chemicals to control insects allocated 10 million rubles, and declared a public auction.

Specialists note that the emergence of nongregarious started on 10 May, and the mass reproduction

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Golden Turtle opens Year of Environment in the Russian Federation

Festival "Golden Turtle" opens in Russia Year of Environment in which environmental activities of the state and society must become more effective, said Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi on Friday at the opening of the festival.

"In the short time of a bright and extraordinary contest this event has become common area where there are people who care, those citizens for whom the defense of nature is in fact the purpose of life," — said Don, speaking at the opening ceremony.

The Minister highlighted the opening years of the environment with this festival, which, according to him, helping to consolidate

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Cat attacked his mistress in Germany

Out of fear of his own cat 69-year-old woman from the Thuringian town of Arnstadt (Germany) quickly left the house. As the police said on Sunday, 5-year-old animal suddenly came down at the woman's apartment Saturday night. According to the police, "feral" cat Mo bitten and scratched legs pensioner. Finally, the frightened woman jumped from the window of his apartment on the ground floor and called the police.

Only two hours later, a police officer with the staff of the Office for law enforcement and rescue animals caught raging animal. To start the cat was taken to the detention

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In China, there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.0

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in China, in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, located in the north-west of the country, on the morning of Tuesday, November 1, according to Chinese media.

China Seismological Service recorded the first tremor in the morning on October 31 at 8 hours 21 minutes.

The epicenter was located about 100 km east of the city Yining, and its center lies at a depth of 27 km. No casualties, casualties or damage no information.

Tapir calf can leave Novosibirsk abroad

Tapir calf, born last month at the Novosibirsk Zoo, will be transferred to another zoo, Russia or abroad, told RIA Novosti Head of Department tropical zoo animals Julia Konovalov.

Lowland tapirs live in South America, is the second-largest land mammals and are listed in the International Red Book. Tapir is an ancient animal, whose form has remained unchanged for millions of years. The closest relatives of these animals — horses and rhinoceroses.

Young couple tapirs brought to Novosibirsk about two years ago from zoos in Germany and Sweden.

"This is our first child at a young couple Dylan and Danko.

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In Orel emergency for swine plague

In connection with the identification of the causative agent of African swine fever in the Kursk region signed a decree of the Government of the Oryol region to take measures to prevent the threat of introduction and spread of the disease in the region, reported IA REGNUM-center in the press service of the governor. On the territory of Dmitrov, Trosnyanskogo, Maloarkhangelsk, Glazunov, Kolpnyanskogo, Dolzhansky and Lievens areas already established nine convenience animal control police stations for the period of quarantine in the Kursk region. For the organization and around the clock veterinary and police posts from the reserve fund Orel

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Forecasters promised Russians moderate February

February in Russia will not be frosty: temperature in the last month of winter is near and above normal in most parts of the country. The director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"In particular, we expect that in the European part of the country the average temperature in February is expected to near normal," — said Vilfand.

According to him, warmer averages will be in the southern part of the Siberian Federal District.

"Especially high average temperatures are expected in the Irkutsk region and Transbaikalia. There, of course, the temperature will be negative, significantly colder than in the

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Tornado flew to Hungary

June 3. In the Eastern District of Hungary Hajdu-Bihar near the village Niraksad there were tornadoes. Approximately 80 km west-south-west of it in a series of powerful Debresene was rainy, not without its destruction. Damage of varying severity were found in 30 houses. At the moment, the media does not have information on the wounded and dead.

As they say forecasters, a tornado came under the influence of a cold front, quickly swept over this part of Hungary. By the way, heavy rains and thunderstorms with gusty winds affected the east Slovakia and Poland, as well as some areas

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Christmas celebrations in Kamchatka canceled because of bad weather

Authorities Petropavlovsk canceled Christmas holiday celebrations in the city center and fireworks due to squally wind and snowfall caused by the cyclone, said Mayor regional center.

Planned that the fireworks will be launched for the first time over the city at midnight local time (16:00 MSK). Also for the first planned broadcast of the New Year greeting the Russian president on the big screen in the center of Petropavlovsk.

"For the residents and guests of the regional center was cooked a big holiday program. However, bad weather has made some changes," — said in a statement.

According GUMCHS RF

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Kuzbass authorities urged not to buy immature nuts from poachers

Kuzbass authorities call on the population to discourage poachers by buying them pine nuts before August 11, the official opening date of the season, collecting cones, said Friday the administration of the Kemerovo region.

According to experts, the poachers, gathering nuts early, injure the ovary, which in the following year to form new buds.

"Experts of the Department of Forestry of the appeal to all lovers of this delicacy to delay the collection until August 11, well, everyone else — do not create demand, that is, not to buy pine cones and nuts from poachers," — said in a statement.

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