On the lake began Alauksts sea eels

For unknown reasons, the lake Alauksts over the past three weeks, killing about 500 eels. Found the number of dead eels in recent days has decreased.

As told Chief Inspector Valmiera controlling branches of the Office of the sea and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Uldis Lentsbergs, last Monday, he and his staff went to the Research Institute BIOR lake to take samples for analysis.

On the lake were caught three eels, which the staff brought to Riga for the analysis results will be ready next week. So far, the cause of death of acne is unknown,

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In the spine, unborn children have found the Chernobyl radiation

Scientists at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for the first time in the world have proven the relationship between the accumulation of radionuclides in the placenta, placental insufficiency and weight of the future baby.

The study of radionuclides in fetal bone, which was held in conjunction with the University of Bristol (England), found that radionuclides rapidly accumulate in the vertebrae, teeth and ribs for all the post-Chernobyl years. Found that all of this not only leads to congenital malformations of the child, but also threatens the appearance of cancer in

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Route Gorno-Altaisk — Barnaul closed because of a snowstorm

Federal highway M-52 (Chui tract) in the segment of Gorno-Altai — Barnaul closed on Thursday due to snowstorms, ice and poor visibility to improved weather conditions, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS the region.

"Due to adverse weather conditions — strong wind, storm, on Thursday from 11.20 local time closed highway Gorno-Altaisk — Barnaul. Rescue staff called automobile drivers to be careful and refrain from long-distance travel in this direction," — said .

He added that the movement will be restored after the weather to improve.

M-52 "Chuy tract" — federal road of 963 kilometers. The route goes from Novosibirsk

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Tornado near St. Petersburg. Video


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In Ivano-Frankivsk massive fish die (video)

In Ivano-Frankivsk massive fish die. Residents of the city are sounding the alarm, but officials only shrug and write off all of nature.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, officials say that the fish are killed by too dry summers and very cold winter. Who and how to compensate for the damage caused to nature, in rybinspektsii do not know yet.

Sea bird in the Amur region

In See last week found dozens of dead crows. Dead birds found owners of garages where the morning went to the machines. The parking garage is in the neighborhood of Light-1 under a power line, just below the road leading to the dispensary.

Suggest the cause of death has no crows come from, says the regional newspaper "Zeya Bulletin". Corpses of birds are in different positions, the majority — with folded wings, but there is with spread. The latter is probably suggests that the birds were killed in flight.

Motorists said they found a dead crow for three days,

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Chilean volcano once again forced to cancel flights to the airports of the Argentine capital

The ash cloud from the eruption of the Chilean volcano Puyeue again led to the cancellation of flights in the airports of the Argentine capital. As expected, the air service will be restored in the next day.

As noted in the National Civil Aviation, is now "in the sky over Buenos Aires is a cloud of volcanic ash over a width of 400 kilometers, which remains stationary because of light wind", ITAR-TASS reported.

Airports resume work in full, as soon as created a safe environment for flights.

Volcano Puyeue altitude 2240 meters located on the Chilean side of the

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Giant sinkhole in Toronto, Canada

Big failure, reminiscent of the Hollywood film footage covered the road to traffic. According to the preliminary version, the reason for the failure of soil in water damage to underground utilities.

A fire in a national park in Chile destroyed 5.7 thousand hectares of forest

Over 5.7 thousand hectares of forests destroyed by fire raging in the national park Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine) in the Chilean Patagonia, said on Friday channel Univision.

The fire started in the park Torres del Paine on Tuesday. The rapid spread of the fire has forced authorities to evacuate visitors and staff. In the year the park receives about 100,000 visitors from all over the world.

According to preliminary data from the park, which occupies more than 230 hectares, has evacuated 700 people.

"Now the situation is very complicated, we can say that it can take an

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Mutant plant frightened Muscovites

Biologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences will put experiments on genetically modified plants in the center of Moscow. A unique greenhouse, which can simulate any climate, has already started working, but residents of neighboring houses were frightened neighborhood with mutants and came to the rally.

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