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Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred in the Ionian Sea

ATHENS, July 19 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanov.Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred on Tuesday morning in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece, according to the global monitoring of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The epicenter was located at 166 kilometers from the city of Patras and 321 km west of Athens.

Distance from the epicenter of the magnitude of such settlements virtually guarantees the absence of any damage.

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Tourist route the habitats of snow leopards and argali appear in the Altai Mountains

Environmentalists of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia this year are going to run the ecotourism route through the Altai, Tuva and Mongolia habitats argali (argali) and the snow leopard for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, told RIA Novosti project coordinator of the Altai-Sayan branch of WWF Russian Mikhail Paltsyn.

He said that to save the snow leopard and argali environmentalists are developing a joint Mongolian-Russian cross-border tourist route "The Land of Snow Leopard", which is created on the basis of settlement of local residents, and is tied to the places that are interesting to observe the animals. This is a

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New signs of warming in the Russian Arctic

A team of scientists from Russia after a three-month observation Arctic ice on Earth Franz Joseph came to the conclusion that their stock is constantly decreasing. Besides starting a marked migration to higher latitudes of the living species, the area previously spread further south. The explanation for such changes can only serve global warming.

To get a real picture of what is happening, the researchers examined 42 of the 191 islands in the archipelago. On each of them confirmed the thinning of the ice cover since the last Soviet expedition in 1957. Also created new maps of living animals

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Fishermen Chukotka twice reduced production of salmon, mastered 38% quota

Fishermen Chukotka only 38.3% of the quota allotted to them have mastered the catch of Pacific salmon, having produced in the region ended in salmon fishing 1.077 tons of fish, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a government of Chukotka.

This figure is twice lower than last year's results, when the quota, the volume of which generally corresponded to the level of 2012, was mastered by 81.5%.

Over the past five years, quotas for salmon production in Chukotka mastered by an average of 65%.

"The Committee on the District Fisheries Department agricultural policy summed up the 2012 salmon fishing season, which

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In Birobidzhan district hail destroyed all landing

Peter Kochmar long wanted to quit. His dream, he made several months ago. But in recent days, do not let go of a cigarette. Such stress farmer had never experienced. Hard work and a huge investment in the spring field work in vain. Cereals, pulses, potatoes, flowering fields overnight turned into a swamp. "There is already June and pereseivat and transplant potatoes does not make sense. Yeah it does not grow. Must have been just a week to go to the market. Just soybeans and corn ear to quit. Destroyed everything," — says the manager KFH "Larikov" Peter Kochmar .

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In Germany, the hurricane killed two people

BERLIN, June 23 — RIA Novosti. The hurricane was on Thursday night in many areas of Germany, killing two women, several bystanders suffered difficulties in movement of vehicles, many were left without electricity, local media reported.

First of all, the element of the territory affected federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Brandenburg. Lake Constance woman 57 years old, sailing, canoeing, drowned. In Constanta, 77-year-old pensioner hit shield from food stalls, from injuries she died in hospital.

The exact number of people affected by the hurricane are not reported, it is noted that the

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To the Czech Republic hit by several tornadoes

PRAGUE, June 23. Several tornadoes hit in the Czech Republic. According to ITAR-TASS, in particular, tornadoes swept in the Pardubice Region in the east. The greatest damage from the elements were residents of the settlements Stare Esenchani, Mikulovitse, cronyism and Groubovitse.

According to the data of the emergency services in the town Stare Chivitse from several houses were blown away. Experts believe that the tornadoes were caused by unstable weather.

Add that in June there is a significant temperature drop and frequent storms.

As reported by "Rosbalt", the other day two powerful tornado hit and New Zealand. Element damaged

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Earthquakes in the Baikal

Made about the dangers of expanding the boundaries of the Gulf of failure, and today we continue this theme. But if you look into the territory Kabansky area with satellite altitude flight, you can see that this strip of land sandwiched between the mountain ranges and the Baikal basin. This strip is composed of sedimentary rocks lying on the rocky ground, steeply sloping towards the earth fault. In the event of an earthquake sods can move down the hill … But this story next story. Today's start with a legend.

Selenga River, the largest tributary of Lake

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All pig farm Kuban destroyed because of the outbreak of ASF

MOSCOW, June 20 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kuznetsova. Veterinarians destroyed all stock — about 4.8 thousand pigs — Farm largest agricultural holdings "Kuban" in the Tbilisi district of Krasnodar region, where there was an outbreak of African swine told RIA Novosti on Monday representatives of the regional administration Rosselkhoznadzor.

The farm belongs to the agricultural firm "Caucasus" agricultural holding "Kuban", which is a part of "Basic Element" and is one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Russia.

Previously reported that livestock farms are 4.3 thousand animals.

Diagnosis of swine fever in the farm confirmed Kropotkin boundary Veterinary

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On the territory of New Zealand were 2 tornadoes


To New Zealand hit two tornado reports "Channel 5." Hardest hit city of New Plymouth, 250 kilometers from the capital. According to local authorities, the dead and wounded — no. Substantial losses incurred center.



Element damaged about two dozen office buildings and as many houses. Strong wind broke the trees, broken glass, cut and de-energized line elestroperedach about three hundred houses. Now working in the city emergency services.

Source: RBC-Ukraine,,,,

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