A hungry cat food from selected alligator

January 29, 2012 9:57

In the U.S. state of Louisiana, where many, many wild crocodiles live cat teaser. His battle with the formidable predator captured on video by local residents.

The case was on the canal bank. Homeless striped daredevil found near the water and decided to eat a meal. He slowly sniffed pieces izvalyal them in the ground, and was just about to enjoy what God has sent, as the water came out … a huge alligator.

Cat broke a modest meal and stared at the green guest who at the table were not invited.

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People — Giants

June 7, 2012 10:55

In ancient times, the growth of some people to reach 50 meters. Archaeologists have proved it. But this is not to say, considering it contrary to the fictional history. Look .. and you will find the answers …

UFOs. California. January 31, 2012

February 1, 2012 9:50

Scientists have made a startling discovery on Easter Island

May 27, 2012 16:37

Robust image mysterious statues-heads on Easter Island has long rebelled and entrenched in the public consciousness.

That is why it is simply a shock discovery scientists who discovered that the head is not all the statues, and that their bulk is in the ground, sinking a few meters.

In the new study on Easter Island, archaeologists conducted a thorough excavation of two of the more than 1,000 statues discovered on the island in an attempt to uncover the secrets of the mysterious stone structures and the people who created them.

During excavation of the scientists also

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Searchers Temple exiles

May 20, 2012 9:08

Until recently it was thought that all over Central Asia has no large-scale temple buildings, and even more do not have them on a deserted mountain Tien Shan. But in the hands of the Seekers were two historical document 15 and 19 century, which report on the grand temple with a large dome, built in the Tien Shan mountains in ancient times.

Searchers went to the Tian Shan to find this mysterious temple. It turns out that in ancient times Christians escaped from persecution in what is now Kyrgyzstan. They came here from

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Found Gate of the Gods: The portal Aram Moore

May 10, 2012 12:24

Bring to your attention a very interesting article about the current portal to another world.

Not so long ago in South America researchers managed to make a finding that its significance incomparable. The fact that the researchers found that is a very important sacred and historical value. On the detected object can be accessed only on the relevant resolution of the Government of a country like Peru. Any other way is simply impossible.

Scientists have managed to find so-called "Gate of the Gods." Thus, some scientific discoveries have tremendous value, which is simply

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Scientists have shown that some can actually see the aura

May 7, 2012 6:50

Proposed neurophysiological explanation of the phenomenon of energy aura that they see those who practice alternative medicine.

Photo: paranormal-news.ru

Some of the most common "aurovidtsev" — healers and medicine men, allegedly acting on the aura and energy background. These healing abilities can be treated differently, but, according to the Spanish psychologists from the University of Granada, they do see the aura, and the aura has a scientific explanation of neuropsychological.

According to the researchers, invisible to ordinary people coloring energy can manifest through synesthesia. This neurophysiological phenomenon is characterized by excess formation of interneuronal

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Strange thing. Universe. The Cosmic Pulse

April 30, 2012 17:14

Researchers claim Earth — not the only planet where anomalous zones. Remember the "Great Red Spot" in the atmosphere of Jupiter, a strange glow in the craters of the moon … Can we classify and explain the cosmic anomaly?

Flying balloons — plasmoids

January 12, 2012 19:27

Choose an object in the sky surprises people

April 16, 2012 13:51

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