The secrets of the gods return to the stars

January 29, 2012 11:38

The shaft of light knocks truck, Stuttgart

February 17, 2013 22:13

Farmer was first described by a miracle — a monster that kept at bay the whole neighborhood

December 9, 2011 21:52

Vladimir had seen a vampire who dealt with rabbits

A farmer from the Stavropol Vladimir Krasnikov able to witness the unknown creature, the rumors about the power and cruelty of which go around the world. Under cover of night Chupacabra kills animals by sucking their blood.

At each of the rabbits found traces of vampire teeth

"Your Day" wrote about the mass slaughter of sheep in the suburbs, which has remained unsolved. And here is a new confirmation of the existence monster that clearly saw the farmer.

— Height is a

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Illuminati and alien technology

December 24, 2012 1:51

Mekong River in Thailand, shot into the air fireballs

March 28, 2012 10:31

It really is a strange phenomenon, which has no scientific explanation. From time to time from the Mekong river water flowing through Thailand, near the border with Laos, digging balls of fire rise up and quietly disappear. The largest of these balls are the size of a basketball.

Along the Mekong are many villages where people are comfortable with the mysterious balls. They claim that the balls have seen not only them, but their parents and grandparents. Since the cause of the "shots" of the river is unknown, write out of one's own head many

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Day space istoriy.Tayna men in black

November 18, 2012 0:57

On the members of secret organizations that collect, analyze and classification of information on UFOs.

Ancient Rus. Taman

March 20, 2012 17:29

Siberian shamans of impending disaster

November 12, 2012 7:38

In 1975, in many Siberian cities of Irkutsk samizdat a book anthropologist and ethnographer of Philosophy Candidate Artemia Polotsk, which contained the prophetic predictions of shamans and conservatives on those disasters that ever shook our world, and those — come — which called the "end of the world."

Over 30 years ago the Soviet A.Polotsky first told readers about the legendary Mayan calendar and tried to interpret the Bible in terms of its view of the time available to mankind.

All contents of this book, which caused a lot of noise while in Novosibirsk and

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The aliens live on the moon

November 7, 2012 4:23

Everyone who lives in the world, not just admiring fantastic light only satellite of our own planet — the Moon. But scientists have long regarded the moon as a source of supply of mineral resources for the needs of the planet, as well as the launching pad for entry into the solar system.

But earthlings seem to have indicated that they are too late — the moon already has an owner.

Many of the facts and circumstances support this conclusion.

After the huge excitement and competition in exploration of the Moon, 90 years of lunar

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Secrets of the Sun

November 4, 2012 5:06

Recently, the Sun was at the center of attention of the general public. Which only sin not blame our star, his behavior is deeply wrong, and does not fall under any of the existing scientific theories, namely the Sun, not the people — the true culprit of global warming, the global financial crisis and other disasters, falling on humanity, in 2012 , in full accordance with the Mayan Calendar, the Sun will grandiose flash, and come the end of the world …

For answers to these burning questions, we asked the director of the Institute

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