How to create your settlement

Documentary about the settlements on Lake Kryukovo minded.

History of Russia — fabrication and a lie

Prior to the development of maritime trade routes all trade between Europe, Asia and the East was carried out through Russia, trades were conducted exclusively through Russian kopeck in which a 10% tax on all participants had perekovyvat brought with silver. In Russia, was the largest stock of gold and silver and do not have their mines on their prey. It turns dense and not washed Russia was the most affluent, educated and strong state — Empire.

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The prefix demon in the Russian language not previously existed

Prefix "demon" in the Russian language does not exist! New spelling rules imposed by the Russian people after the revolution of 1917. "Demon" — a prefix introduced in Russian in 1921 Lunacharsky, Lenin's against the rules of the Russian language.

This rule is implemented specifically to despise devil praise and exalt. Study of the Russian language to the "revolution" suggests that the prefix "devil" in it has never been, and the replacement of the true prefix "no" to "demon" grossly distorts the meaning of the word. Artificially introduced by the prefix "demon" goes to the root. In Russian the

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Zhivatma. Demonstration of Self

The scandalous truth about money

Viral video studio MyDucksVision the history of modern monetary system. Facts about the gold standard and the dollar, and sell about global financial enslavement of the world bankers. Of course, someone pays for commercials and ads because at the end of a payment network, we have not tested and do not pay attention. Video valuable in that all the facts are in one short video in a concise and accessible way. PS: at the request of the audience advertising cut.

U.S. will not disclose details about the fate of adopted Russian children

The problem of adoption of Russian children by American families is still a big differences between the two countries: the United States children are beaten at the hands of foster parents, which are often fatal. Report RT correspondent Madina Kochenova.

Children's Ombudsman (responsible for the rights of children) in Russia, Pavel Astakhov, during a visit to the United States for yourself that no information about the fate of the children is not going to provide one. Either officially or unofficially — no way. These are the relationships as ordinary American citizens and their governments on this issue.

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Deception as a propaganda tool

Propaganda by renaming the.

One of the methods used by totalitarian regimes, is the formation of the right ideas in mind by introducing distorted notions. Ron Hubbard in one of his works he wrote, "If a new definition repeated enough times that, by changing the meaning of a word can change public opinion." It's just trying to get to the term "sect", which once meant a small group of peaceful believers. Now, thanks to the active replication of the "new value" of the word through the media, it becomes negative. His "modernized" the epithet "totalitarian", by the way, the term

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Rodnovercheskoe Ecovillage Glorious

Slavic. Slavic holidays

Quote: "Rodnoverie, conservatives, anastasievtsy everything is up to the pile and the more, the better" — together we can do a lot and understand!

How Russia turns to China

Chinese puzzle will soon become a compulsory subject in the local schools. There are taught not only to write Chinese characters, but also beautiful to say. In Blagoveshchensk in the local schools were the majority of the classes — with a Chinese twist. And with the new school year will be required to study Chinese at all levels. Teach not only the letter but also the ability to speak beautifully, are Chinese teachers from the school of Confucius. And not just for children — retirees believe that normally live in the Russian pension only in China.


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