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Mystery of the ancient computer

In 1900, near the Greek island of Antikythera was found a unique find, which 100 years later, was to become a sensation. This is the so-called Antikythera mechanism. Portions of this, scientists believe the device was found near the wreck in 65 BC ancient ship, which according to some versions resulted from Rhodes to Rome. Amazing discovery — a few strange-looking parts — along with numerous amphoras and statues were placed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It is possible that fragments of the device, covered in limestone, at first were considered as a piece of the statue. Anyway,

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Riddle of the Russian language

The natural emergence of language — it is a long and complex process, which can go for thousands of years. One such language of mankind — is the Russian language. Even according to the official (classical) stories Russian has very ancient roots. Thus, the Proto-Slavic language arose to the II millennium BC, and before that there was a so-called Proto-language, which was still in the III millennium BC

Almost impossible to overestimate the importance of language in shaping the identity of the individual and the whole nation, the whole Russian civilization. Russian language — it seems to be the

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Reconstruction of ancient Slavic boat

In 1967, in the village of Ralswiek on the legendary island of Rügen has been made a very significant finding. When carrying out road works, bucket made of earth several interconnected wooden dowels oak planks. The builder took his find was working nearby archaeologists and those soon began excavations, during which it was discovered four of the Ancient ship and the whole trade settlement. Settlement existed there since VIII century and was in the Middle Ages one of the most important ports in the Baltic Sea. It is assumed that it is here, protected from storms by

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Americans want to become allies in the fight against Russian Freemasons


The well-known American economist Lyndon LaRouche Lindonf originator of the idea to create the SDI during the US-Soviet confrontation, made a statement in which he called on the people to declare a merciless war on Britain, to be exact — English Wall Street.

Why should we fight with England, with Wall Street? — Think, probably, many heard the words. Because Wall Street — it's the Masons, is the rate of shadow world government, it is the main residence of the Rothschild financial emperors and kings of the world bank — says Lindonf LaRouche.

It was the

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Russians want to replace migrants

Make the life of migrant workers in Russia comfortable, pleasant, safe and legal struggle to power. Coming up with new ways to attract and keep workers in Russia. Latest offers — museums and lead them to pay pensions.

The city authorities will drive to the museums of migrants who arrived in Moscow to work. The officials believe that it will help them to integrate into our culture. The idea belongs toHead of the Department of Culture of Moscow Sergei Kapkovu(Businessman who engaged in the reconstruction of Gorky Park).

As Kapkov, so foreigners will form, to show them the

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This main ideologue of the new world order, Zbigniew Brzezinski October 14, 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski speech delivered October 14, 2011 in Normandy at the time of award of Alexis de Tocqueville, is worthy. The award was presented by former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, who heads the jury.

1. Summary of the speech

At the outset, Brzezinski pays tribute to Alexis de Tocqueville, the French historian, sociologist and politician, whose presence in the U.S. in 1831-32gg. resulted in the writing's classic work "Democracy in America". [2] To understand America Tocqueville should know that even 175 years ago foresaw the potential threats to American society, according to Brzezinski. According to Joseph Stiglitz

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Map of the New World Order in the Library of Congress

YesOnline Library of Congress, under cards, one card, the nagging many conspiracy theorists. This card came to the library in 1942. Some Maurice Gomberg (Maurice Gomberg) published in Philadelphia in 1942, a draft map of the New World Order after the war. Some say that this card he hung in the window of the shop, it said one woman, bought several copies and sent to the Library of Congress.

Others add that the map was allegedly wrote, that it is in October 1941.

It is unclear what value could be in the card shop to its right

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Moscow — come the great migration

Moscow authorities have announced a new capital Urban planning for 2012-2016. It turns the former principles of urban development on its head and returns to Moscow in 1970, write "News." According to the idea of the authorities, the capital back to the Brezhnev era by such indicators as population density. The essence of the new concept of the city — a declining population, a focus on low-rise construction and tourism. "Instead of prefabricated towers — buried in greenery townhouses. Instead of infill development — conservation of the historic center, "- describes the proposed government plan" Moskovsky Komsomolets

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Belarus. Lida: a beautiful city with a beautiful name

These lines of the poet Jaroslav Smelyakov favorite thanks to the film "Operation" Y "and Other Adventures of Shurik" in Lida still popular. Moreover, that there is not only n ereulok Street and South, but also a neighborhood called "Southern town." The truth, according to local residents, the women named Lida here today a rarity. But the beauty of this second largest city in the Grodno region deficit namesakes NE effect. Lida aura itself evokes comfort, tranquility and well-being. Neat houses with fences, quiet little streets, nice open people — that's the first thing that you notice

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Old Slavic calendars

The ancestors of Ukrainians, Russian, Belarusian, Prussians, Etruscans and other peoples who settled long ago in Europe have several common calendar systems, is now in zabytyh.Dlya help, now is the year 7019 from the Creation in the Star Temple, that is, from 2011 AD But I suggest in order.

The Slavs in ancient times there were several forms of calendar notation, but so far only a few have survived … Right now we are Summer 7519 from the Creation in the Star TempleBut … it does not mean that our world was created 7519 years ago

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