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Slavic calendar

Review material.

The Slavs in ancient times there were several forms of calendar notation, but so far only a few have survived … Now we are having summer 7515 from the Creation in the Star Temple … but it does not mean that our world was created 7515 years ago … Creation of the world in ancient times was called a peace treaty between the warring nations. Thus we have a "new frame of reference."

This is the peace treaty between the Great Race (the Slavs) and the Great Dragon (the ancient Chinese) was concluded in the autumn equinox, or

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Pharmaceutical Holocaust — a concentration camp for humanity


(There is nothing hidden which will not become apparent)

We also offer to read some excerpts from an open letter from Dr Rath's newspaper «The New York Times».

Dr. Matthias Rath — the world-renowned scientist and physician member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Heart Association and other scientific organizations. His non-fiction book "Why Animals Do not Get Heart Attacks?» («Why Animals Dont get Heart Attacks?») And "Cancer» («Cancer») published in ten languages and sold millions of copies.

He is the founder of the scientific concept of Cellular Medicine, a concept consistently applied in clinical

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ROC against the unique center for disabled children

Domodedovo is far from unique medical center for disabled children called "Childhood". Unique — in the sense that another comparable quality rehabilitation center in our state do not. Annually through the clinic and medical offices center is about 30 thousand children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and other diseases. Unfortunately, the center is adjacent to the convent, and the leadership of the monastery is doing everything to get one of two cases the center (now there is a clinic, school, psychoneurological department). Nuns in their fight helps a number of officials of the Moscow region. On Monday, we go

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Finds metropolitan archaeologists magical amulets and clay chess

Hard to believe that a modern office and residential buildings is another Kiev. But antiquity hunters say the same Podol where no dig, run into some amazing things. Multimeter topsoil hiding a whole residential neighborhoods, churches, shops and the strengthening of the ancient city. Once at the center of any construction begins, go to the place of archaeologists and inch by inch carefully examined territory.

Pieces of ivory

In 2007-2008, during the archaeological excavations in the street Spassky, 35 researchers found …

workshop for Checkers In a small area, which once served as a workshop, were found bones and

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Arch epithets … What people do not give this wonderful corner of the Earth, in the south of the Urals: "Arch Yima", "Land of Cities", "City of singing chariots," and finally, "The Heavenly Arch." For many who attended this really unusual place, a sense of contact with something unknown, inaccessible, inexplicable in terms of the material world, where everyone discovers something of his own, highly personal, intimate, acquiring over time a particular name.

Arkaim. Reconstruction of the city, made archaeologists.

So what is the Arch? Obvious question, to which there is no single answer. City-temple-city observatory, the

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VELESoped — the invention of our ancestors!

Stained-glass window of a church, where the saint is depicted in Vladimir VELESopede

Do you think that the invention of a bicycle early XIX century? You are mistaken! It is more ancient invention associated directly with our ancestors and show high technological development of Slavic-Aryan civilization. This is, what, a permanent zhidomassony hidden and silent, trying to show our ancestors dark barbarians and savages. But the time to break cover with the great history of our people and to lift the veil of secrecy.

It would seem familiar to us, the word "bicycle", which once had a completely

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Legend of the Rusich

Modern rusichi, Vikings, Chud ferruginous — who are they? Generation, devoid of the past, looking for himself in the historical reconstruction — a social phenomenon, is actively developing in Russia.

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Forbidden tradition

In Mezmay (Apsheron district of Krasnodar region), there is a wonderful folk group — "Mazmaysky fun." Familiar with them quite a while, not a single event held in conjunction. They also participated in our "Night of Museums".

They are engaged in the revival of Slavic culture and tradition. That revival, rather than a simple facelift. If you do not feel the difference try to explain.

Reconstruction — is when recreate the form. Renaissance — when recreate the content, revive the spirit. You can make certain parts of the body — but this does not come to life.

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Mikhail Zadornov. Why religion could lead to a world war?

Mikhail Zadornov

Talk about daily bread very much interested. Again, who wants to learn more about the many words mentioned by Alekseev, highly recommended for healing of soul and body to read his blog on LiveJournal.

I offer an excerpt from a post by Sergey Alekseev religions. So much has recently been noise cause and unreasonable about certain actions of our officials from the church, that all this has to smell politics. But the church — it is not a policy. It seems to me that many of the arguments on the Internet were still primitive. I suggest

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Yevgeny Fyodorov and magical pravdoruba. MP analysis

On our website there are a few spots deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, in which he talks about Russia's dependence on the U.S.. Now, we present the analysis and the analysis of the words of the deputy. What are the real action behind them?

Dear Readers, As we know, the result of the Cold War was the collapse of the Soviet Union with the direct participation of Mikhail Gorbachev. Further expansion of the reign of Boris Yeltsin helped the Russian elite and the displacement of its interests in the West. As a result, our country has completely lost its sovereignty and

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