Where are the tsunami

One of the worst effects of offshore earthquakes — giant tsunami waves sweeping everything in its path. Until now, scientists could not answer a simple question: why in some cases they arise, and in the other — no? If it failed to install, then it would be a tragedy like the one that recently occurred in Indonesia, is unlikely to be repeated.

An earthquake measuring 7.5 points, which occurred late in the evening of Monday, October 25, in Indonesia, caused a tsunami, which affected Mentawai Islands in the western part of the country. Interestingly, the epicenter of the quake earthquake

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The mystery of blood. Opinion researchers


S.Zharnikova. Sanskrit and Russian

Velez — Ashes Sacred groves

Lukashenko takes the economy on a war footing

Motherland — a film about Russia

What is the true meaning of the Russian people. Its roots. Its future. The Russian language in the film world.

Lukashenkos golden billion. All rightly said!

The myth of the secular servility rusichej

GCAP-known poetess shestidesyatnitsy comprador-in pseudo-intellectual circles in Moscow and Leningrad, was quite popular aphorism: "Russia — the thousand-slave." "Deepen" as aforesaid thesis "naiprodvinuteyshie" from "superintendents of perestroika" (can not remember which of them first) — A. Yakovlev and Yuri Afanasiev, "Russia — millennial paradigm of unfreedom."

What Pskov Veche Republic? It existed from the middle. 13th and early. 16th century inclusive!

I'm not a big fan of the parliamentary system. Right after all old Polybius (2. BC. E.): "In different historical circumstances, be fair (and best, we might add), the various forms of government." However, if you stand on the

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In Kiev in protest burned dollars and euros. VIDEO

December 16, in front of the red building University. Shevchenko burned foreign currency. According to the staff, a group of young people with placards on fire a few dollars and euro banknotes. About this in his blog, writes Sergei Lyamets.

Flash mob called "Dolar slept, slept vro, slept ruble — Zahist Ukraїnu."

Not clear to the end goal of the flash mob. It is clear that Ukraine is so dollarized that the dollar may be considered a second national currency. Euros, by the way, this applies to a lesser degree.

Officially, the flash mob was to be held

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5,508 years, erased from our past!


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