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Police protects pedophile. Revolt in Blagoveshchensk


In Blagoveshchensk, a mob of people trying to make a lynch pedophile. The night before, more than three hundred people came to the house № 19 on the streets of Textile. People threw stones at windows of the apartment suspected of a crime against a child. To prevent a lynching, were brought to the area all the details of police and special police detachment. People — men, women, children, old — did not differ from five o'clock in the evening into the night.

Events began to develop more on Tuesday, July 19.

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Russian, protect Belarus!

February 1, 2011 … a protest in front of the EU in Russia against interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus … few people talking about it, but, according to many polls, Lukashenko in the presidential elections in Russia would garner about 80% of the vote … see here http://

Why rewrite history

Protests in Rosssii: Western media lie


1. What do the media:

CNN: «According to RIA Novosti, citing data from police, gathered in Moscow from 20 to 25 thousand protesters. Cases of violence are not reported, taken increased security measures. According to co People's Freedom Party Vladimir Ryzhkov, attracted 40,000 people, and about 10,000 were sent to the main venue of the protests, the news agency reported. "

What you do not tell the media:

Vladimir Ryzhkov, a member of the (board, approx. Mixednews) «World Movement for Democracy", initiated by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which receives funding from the

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As Christians betrayed Russia (G.K.Sidorov)

Belarusian artist Vladislav Koshelev


Vladislav Koshelev was born in 1966. Lives and works in Belarus. Painting beyond ten years, although professional education has not. (Background music: DEUS-Quartet — Russian folk song "Vyun above water")

Kuban doctors murdered child — was vaccinated …

03/21/12 Victor Panasenko two months because of the indifference of doctors bled and died.

In the region of Kuban Clavyanskom medical negligence led to the death of their two. According to parents, Olga and Vitaly Panasenko, it all started with the hepatitis B vaccination, after which the baby's leg was swollen and fever. Doctors diagnosed "post-injection abscess" and sent to hospital Slavic CBR. The doctor who examined the son of Olga, said that surgery is not required, and sent her home, telling make vodka compresses. Olga implement this recommendation a few days, but the baby is crying

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Zuckerbergs plan in Moscow


Gaddafi confident of victory, and in the ranks of the peacekeepers is no agreement


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