Want to save memory — eat apples!

American scientists have shown that regular consumption of apples and apple juice prevents the destruction of brain cells, leading to memory loss. As the press service of the "quality and safety of food products from the United States" (implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the country), these findings are contained in a study conducted by American scientists at the University of Massachusetts (University of Massachusetts).

The study examined how the regular consumption of apple juice can affect the process of the destruction of the brain of adults and aging mice. Experiments showed that contained in apples and apple juice

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Russian Orthodox monastery of nuns organized a sale of children

Sensation Abbot monostyrya ROC in Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Berdyansk — organized trafficking nuns abroad, on the organs and implants.  

Quarry on the burial site: Gatchina destroyed 40 burial mounds

Scandal in Britain: secret documents released into the park

A scandal erupted in Britain after it became known that zavkantselyariey Prime Minister David Cameron Oliver Letuin threw in trash cans in the Park government documents. Such a fate were including papers relating to the "Al-Qaeda."

Correspondents of the newspaper The Daily Mirror, adhering Labour views, more than a year watching the conservative head of the Office of the Prime Minister. They took photos, which show how the control office of the prime government throws paper in trash cans while walking in St. James's Park, located next to the residence of the British prime minister at

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GAI Minsk surprised drivers pleasant gifts

The virtual world and the personal lives of citizens


NEWS of the Belarusian TV


Why the West takes crooks at

Russia all the time trying to teach. Teach democracy. Ostensibly where — and there, in the West, there is a true democracy. Standard. And we all need to be on it.

But in reality, we all equal it is clearly not worth it. No one to look up to.

We're not talking now about the fairness or contrived sentences.

Just appreciate it.

Over the past few years:

— Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, for many years ruled the country was found guilty of fraud;

— Home of French President Nicolas Sarkozy on suspicion of

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In Russia, you can not deny the foreigners who want to buy baby

Tim Kirby. Photo: odnako.org

I was here the other day invited to a program "live" on TV channel Russia — to participate in a discussion about the recent death of a Russian child in the hands of the new American parents. Always on the programs are too many people, and everyone is too little time. Everyone gets to 10 words — but they said you can not always the case: as we all know, the TV in our modern world, oriented to the scandal, not the effective discussions.

Around the end of the program, I really wanted to

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History teacher accused of extremism

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